Aliso Viejo Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy Recording the Toll in Aliso Viejo

Orange County was the first area of Southern California to embrace the California Toll Road, with the Foothill Toll Road (241) in 1993 and the San Joaquin Hills Toll Road (73) in 1996.  Perhaps “embrace” isn’t the right word, but the principle of toll highways to serve who uses them and pay for themselves over time made sense at the time.   The community of Aliso Viejo wasn’t incorporated until 2001, so as a city they weren’t privileged to the full spectrum of early arguments and the road cut right through the center of their city.  Orange County anticipated relieving the densely traveled 405-5 between Costa Mesa/Newport Beach (John Wayne Airport) and Mission Viejo and figured to tempt commuters with faster travel time.  Well in the first five years the usage was sparse, and while it increases during the summer months and removes the vacationers from the corridor, it remains a fairly quiet twenty-year old expressway. 

So why would a quiet, commercially sound and residentially pleasant city like Aliso Viejo need Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.  They need this service for the middle-of-night phone call from any of a dozen places in Orange County where someone they know and love is in trouble.  Mr. Nice Guy agents won’t have to take the toll road to get you, because they have all the means for locating your loved one, finding the charges that they face, determining the bail requirement, and processing a bail bond for their release.  They are a 24-hour a day resource for handling the unmentionable (but in some cases you might know inevitable) situation in strict confidence.   Call the toll free number 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) to speak to a licensed Mr. Nice Guy agent.  That agent will give a thorough and private consultation on what steps to take.

Technology as an Ally

Researh and Development Industries have helped build Orange County and are considerable contributors to the overall wealth of the residents.  Aliso Viejo has its own share of high-tech brands and firms that are capitalizing on technology trends.  Mr. Nice Guy agents have experience with hands-on delivery of bail bonds to release arrested persons throughout Orange County, and uses the current technology to permit you to initiate the process without ever leaving your home.

Once an agent finds the your loved one and the charges in the Orange County jail system, they can begin the bail bond process immediately when you complete the standard applications forms on their forms page.

Technology as an Unfriendly

For future reference, has California Law Enforcement has developed technology like the Automated License Plate Recognition system (ALPR) to assist in checking for stolen vehicles.  Technology advances have broadened its use and permits a vehicle mounted ALPR to check up to 50 vehicles a minute and provide near immediate data on associated violations and vehicle warrants.

Individuals with existing warrants in Orange County always funnel to the Orange County Main Jail in Santa Ana, and every law enforcement agency now has the ability to warrant status nearly immediately.  You can check the status of yourself and people you care about with Mr. Nice Guy’s link Free Orange County Warrant Checks.  Call 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) or the alternate number 1-949-445-3420 for a Mr. Nice Guy agent and a private consultation about handling warrants or warrants from elsewhere.

Orange County Experiences

Several cities in Orange County have their own police departments and their own detention facilities.  Aliso Viejo, like Laguna Woods and most of the Southern Orange County cities contract with the Orange County Sheriff’s Department, so most local arrests are processed at the OCSD Main Jail in Santa Ana, as well as California Highway Patrol arrests or any agency that has arrested someone with a warrant.

Mr. Nice Guy agents have interacted with every police department in Orange County and know what protocols to follow to get someone bailed out of the different detention facilities.  They have experience with preparing:

  • Misdemeanor and Felony Bail Bonds
  • Traffic Bail Bonds
  • Drug Offense Bail Bonds
  • Domestic Violence Bail Bonds
  • DUI/DWI – Drunk Driving Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy performs these services all the time.  This might be your first time or your last, but regardless they won’t tell anyone because they aren’t judging the offense, they are giving you sound options for solving the problem at hand.

If you want to take it upon yourself to handle the matter, and you’ve confirmed their arrest status in OCSD Main jail, here’s some information you will need:

Where is the Aliso Viejo Jail?

Orange County Sheriff Department’s Central Jail Facility
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA, 92703

Call (714) 647-4666 for inmate records

Open 24 hours

The OCSD facility accepts full bail payments in the form of cash, personal check with valid ID, debit card, or cashier’s check (with bank contact and number) for exact amount or money order for the exact amount.  They do not accept any checks exceeding the bail amount of $ 7,500 and will not accept business checks.

They DO accept bail bonds from licensed agents, like Mr. Nice Guy.

Did you reconsider saving the immediate resources and the aggravation?  Call 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-800-400-2245 to speak to a Mr. Nice Guy agent.  You can also call, text or email the alternate number 1-949-445-3420 but fees may apply depending on your carrier.

New Roads to Toll

The collective verdict on toll roads and the toll system in California remains to be seen, and while it seems logical that they create more HOV and express lanes, they may see the revenue diminish as technology permits so much more to be done without driving at all beyond local borders.  It might be why they are used at a level that is far less than what was originally projected on both the Foothill Toll Road (241) and the San Joaquin Hills Toll Road (73). 


Mr. Nice Guy is a lot like the toll roads in Orange County, not used much by any one person, but always the best option when you need things done fast.