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Hollywood Bail Bonds

We offer 24 hour bail bonds services in Hollywood, California with easy payment plans and no collateral needed in most cases. This article will discuss frequently asked questions regarding Bail Bonds Services in Hollywood.

It’s a mythical area with more glamour in the name than is evident in the streets. Back in the day when the Los Angeles area had tracts of open space between communities it was distinctive as the hub of the movie studios with sound stages like Paramount, MGM, and reasonably close to Universal Studios production back-lot.  Now it’s definitely larger than the Hollywood Boulevard Walk of Fame, but its neighborhoods have lost the shine of tinsel for which it was nicknamed.

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents are a popular option for anyone who dwells in Tinsel-town.  Contact them at any time of the day or night and someone living will answer the toll free number (844) 400-2245.  Almost everything in the bail bond process or the immigration bond process can be completed on line and they stand on their word of lowest possible rates, no hidden fees, and great cooperative terms for getting your person of concern out of holding in any of Los Angeles area jails in less than 24 hours.  Immigration bonds may take longer to process.

How can I bail someone out of jail in Hollywood?

The Los Angeles Police Department operating out of Hollywood, California might have made an evening out an evening rout but Mr. Nice Guy’s team of licensed agents will deliver the best message of all …  released on bond.  They have dealt with the full spectrum of arrests all over Southern California using the fastest tools available for processing AND providing mobile agents for the final paperwork at every possible jail. 

Mr. Nice Guy’s experience is verifiable, as they have posted bail bonds for:

  • Misdemeanors (Shoplifting, Vagrancy, Vandalism)
  • Felonies (Assault, Battery, Grand Theft, Robbery, Weapons)
  • Public Intoxication, Disorderly Conduct, DUI/DWI
  • Warrant arrest, Probation Violation arrest

First let us help you find your partner, friend, or otherwise loved one in an LAPD or Los Angeles Sheriff’s Department Jail facility. Contact us using the online chat function, contact phone or call.

Second, don’t feel that you have to fret alone or take the full amount of bail out of pocket.  Bail bonds are acceptable for anyone’s arrest charges unless expressly dictated by the court.  Mr Nice Guy offers bail bonds at 7% of the bail amount (for charges) and can process immigration bonds at 12%.  Collateral options can be discussed but most of the time none is needed.  Your name and commitment to freeing your loved one is the motivation that makes the bail bond process work.  Your loved one will still have to make appearances before the court, but they can continue to get to work or enjoy comfortable surroundings before facing those hurdles. (844) 400-BAIL or (844) 400-2245 is the phone number for free consultation AND action.

Forms are available on-line (go to the forms tab on the site navigation bar) and are available in languages other than English-Spanish by request.  The Mr. Nice Guy agent will then proceed with processing the bail bond and delivering it for the arrested person’s signing.  You can do this all from the privacy of your home computer, smart phone, or tablet through this secured site.

What is a Bail Bond in Hollywood?

Charges of the arrest determine the amount of bail to free the incarcerated.   The amount can vary from $1500 up to very large numbers.  The bail system has been around for hundreds of years and is part of the original constitution of the U.S.  It permits the arrested to be freed to attend to personal matters until the legal processes for the crime.  Bail is a means to assure the police, community, and the courts that a person intends to appear before the court for arraignment, hearings (if any), and trial (if chosen).   After legal and court proceedings are complete, regardless of outcome, bail will be returned.   A bail bond performs the same outright function as bail, but for a fraction of the immediate cost.

Remember that there will be other expenses (vehicle impound fees, legal fees, insurance adjustments) associated with any arrest.   Your loved one can’t participate in the procuring those fees while they are sitting with several inmates in a cell.

Verify the bail and the type of payments acceptable for your loved one’s release and in the event that you may have a warrant or expired Identification, you might be whisked into custody in your own rescue process.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents offer Free Warrant Checks for anyone.  Rules for every facility differ on what they will or will not accept as payment.

Where is the Hollywood Jail?

Here are some other addresses and phone numbers you may need to research acceptable payment forms or to attempt the bail process on your own: 

100 West 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012

As a service reference, the Hollywood Community Police Department is available but its jail facility is temporarily closed for remodeling:

Hollywood Community Police Department
1358 N.  Wilcox Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90028

How much does bail cost in Hollywood?

Check out the difference between Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds service (detailed on the web-site) and other bail bonds services.  There are no hidden fees, there is a one time premium for the bail bond (that won’t repeat or appear as a service charge in later statements) and flexible payments to suit your budget.  Doesn’t a bail bond at $500 sound better than $5000?  You can use any type of credit card, bit-coin, or debit card to settle – most jails require money orders, personal checks (with valid ID), and carry several restrictions on the amount that can be drafted.   Every portion of the bail application and process can be completed on-line from the privacy of your Internet connection.  After Mr. Nice Guy’s agent posts the bond, you can expect your loved one to be returning home.

Your Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds agent will setup the best and most agreeable format for your bail bond and payment.  It’s your right to have the option, and your right to select the best possible friend for your trying time.  Don’t let the Hollywood Walk of Fame become your “walk of shame,” the licensed agents at Mr. Nice Guy bail bonds will be there any day, any time.