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Morro Bay Bail Bonds

Morro Bay is a small city along the coast of California in San Luis Obispo County. Just over 10,000 people reside in Morro Bay, and its residents enjoy the mild Mediterranean climate that is so typical of coastal California. The average temperature in Morro Bay hovers around the mid-sixties year-round, as visitors and residents enjoy warm summers and mild winters with only about 50 days of rain per year.

Located along the Estero Bay, Morro Bay is known for Morrow Rock, a 576 ft tall volcanic plug that lies at the entrance to the harbor. Morro Rock was designated as a historical landmark in 1968. The base of the rock is open to hikers and visitors, but climbing the rock itself can only be done with a permit. This is to prevent possible injury to climbers and to preserve the peregrine falcons that nest there.

Tourism and fishing are the primary economic forces in Morro Bay. The town was once home to a thriving Abalone fishing enterprise, but over-harvesting has taken a toll on the Abalone population in the area and now fisherman harvest halibut, rockfish, albacore, and sole in the area. Oysters are also farmed and harvested in the shallow back bay.

Morro Bay Law Enforcement

Law enforcement in Morro Bay is provided by the Morro Bay Police Department (MBPD). The MBPD has been the primary law and order in Morrow Bay since the incorporation of the city in 1964. With a staff of just 21 people, the MBPD engages in the community through a number of outreach programs. These programs include the Special Olympics Torch Run, the Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and Caroling Cops. The department also encourages citizen volunteers to participate and assist the police department as they carry out their duties.

Morro Bay Police Department

850 Morro Bay Boulevard

Morro Bay, CA  93442

(805) 772-6226

SLO County Sheriff’s Office in Morrow Bay

In the unincorporated areas surrounding Morro Bay, the San Luis Obispo County Sheriff’s Department provides law enforcement services. The Sheriff’s Department has three locations throughout the county. The Coast Station provides patrol services to the areas around Morro Bay.

Coast Station SLO County Sheriff

2099 10th Street
Los Osos, CA 93402
(805) 528-6083

Morro Bay City Jail

The MBPD operates a small holding facility in Morro Bay, where defendants are held on a temporary basis. For longer periods of incarceration, inmates are transferred to a state or county facility.

The City Jail in Morro Bay

850 Morro Bay Boulevard

Morro Bay, CA  93442

(805) 772-6226

Once a defendant has been “booked” and processed, they will most likely be transferred to the county jail run by the SLO Sheriff’s Department. The county jail is located in the San Luis Obispo.

San Luis Obispo County Jail

1584 Kansas Avenue

San Luis Obispo, CA  93405

If you are worried that someone you care about might be in jail in Morro Bay, you can check online by visiting this link. You will need the full name of the person you are looking for when searching online. You can also call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245 for assistance in locating someone who is in jail and help in getting them released on bail.

Visiting Someone at the Morro Bay Jail

If someone is arrested in Morro Bay, they will be taken to the county jail in San Luis Obispo. You may visit an inmate the jail by making an appointment online. You must check in at the jail at least 30 minutes prior to the start of your visit, but it is recommended to arrive 45 minutes early. 

Inmates are allowed two one-hour visits per week. Generally, only one adult is allowed to visit at a time, though the adult may have children accompany them. Each adult must have a valid, government-issued ID. Driver’s licenses, DMV identification cards, military ID, passport, or immigration ID are acceptable.

Visitors must dress appropriately. Revealing clothing and clothes that contain gang symbols or colors, or foul language, will not be permitted. Visitors wearing such clothing will not be allowed to enter the visitation area. No personal property is allowed inside the visitation area.

Visitation can be denied if an inmate is under disciplinary measures, or if there are medical reasons. To verify visitation availability for a particular inmate, call (805) 781-4600.

Jail staff is not allowed to deliver messages taken over the phone. To get a message to an inmate, you must deliver them in person or through an attorney. A bail agent, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds licensed agents, may also deliver a message for you. For assistance in reaching an inmate at the San Luis Obispo Jail, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL.

Bail Bonds in Morro Bay

Cash bail is money paid to the court to obtain a defendant’s release from jail. The bail schedule in Morro Bay is set by the Superior Court in San Luis Obispo county. The bail schedule defines the standard bail amounts required for individuals to bail out of jail for various offenses. Each charge and/or enhancement carries its own bail requirement. To calculate the amount of bail required to get someone out of jail in San Luis Obispo, a person must add up all of the bail amounts for each charge and enhancement. 

When a defendant cannot afford the entire cost of bail, a bail bond can be made to the court using a bail bond agent. A bail bond agent works with a surety company to help defendants get out of jail for a fraction of the out-of-pocket cost of cash bail. The bail bond is a promise to the court to pay the entire amount of the cash bail, should the defendant fail to uphold the terms of their pre-trial release.

In return for this promise to pay, the defendant pays the bail bond company a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the total cost of the bail. Once the bail bond has been arranged, the defendant is free to return home, to work and go about daily life, until the legal case against them has been concluded.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has locations throughout Southern California and can have a licensed bond agent by your side in minutes. For bail bonds in Morro Bay, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245.

Marijuana Bail Bonds in Morro Bay

When marijuana became legal for personal and recreational use, it also became legal to sell marijuana but ONLY if you have a state-issued license to sell it. Violation of HS 11359 is the possession of marijuana with the intent to sell it on the black market. This is a misdemeanor, for most defendants, and the penalties for possession with the intent to sell on the black market are up to six months in county jail or a fine of up to $500.

Marijuana Felony Charges - Felony HS11359

  • Under certain circumstances, the authorities can charge a defendant with a felony violation of HS11359, by charging them with possession of marijuana with the intent to sell it without a license. Selling without a license is a much more serious offense and carries with it much steeper fines and punishments.
  • A person might be charged with felony possession of marijuana if:
  • The person has multiple prior drug convictions.
  • Persons with serious, violent, or sex crimes convictions.
  • The arrest occurred in connection with a sale or an attempted sale.
  • The sale was being made to a person under the age of 18.
  • The offense involves someone, over 21, employing or using a person twenty years of age or younger in producing, cultivating, or marketing marijuana.

Bail amounts for marijuana charges can vary, however, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help you calculate your total cost of bail and arrange for bail bonds for marijuana. Marijuana bail bonds can get you out of jail for a fraction of the cost of cash bail.

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DUI of Drugs in Morrow Bay

DUI of Drugs, or Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, is a serious offense. It is similar to the charge of Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol, the more common form of DUI, and carries with it serious consequences. A charge of DUI of drugs can result from driving while under the influence of any drug or marijuana, including prescription drugs, whether legally prescribed to the defendant, or not.

VC 23152(e) – DUI of Drugs Charge

Driving under the influence of Drugs is a violation of the Vehicle Code 231452(e), which reads: “It is unlawful for a person who is under the influence of any drug to drive a vehicle.” It is very similar to driving under the influence of alcohol. One way that this charge differs from a regular “DUI” charge is that when an officer suspects the presence of drugs in someone's system, a breathalyzer test will not show drugs and a blood test will have to be ordered. Other evidence that can be used to charge someone with DUI of drugs includes the defendant's statements, behavior, and appearance.

DUI of Drugs Bail Bonds in Morro Bay

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Other online services include free warrant checks and a direct link to most Sheriff's Department databases.

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Battery With Serious Bodily Injury

Aggravated assault includes assault with a deadly weapon or assault where there is an intent to commit a felony such as rape or murder.

Aggravated battery is a violation of PC 243(d) and can be called battery with serious bodily injury or aggravated battery. This is the result of battery that caused serious injury to another person, making it different from simple battery where no injury is required to make a charge.

Battery Bail Bonds in Morro Bay

Often, prosecutors and law enforcement officers will charge you with the most serious versions of the crimes they believe have been committed, even if those charges will be reduced, later on. But, this leaves you in the position of having higher amounts of bail money to produce, in order to get out of jail after an arrest.

It is common for people to lack the cash funds to post their own bail. If this is the case, you can call a bail bonds company, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. They will post bail for you, in return for a small fee, generally 10% of the total bail due. This allows you to get out of jail at a fraction of the cost of paying the full bail yourself.