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If your loved one or a friend has been arrested, you’ll most likely need to secure a bail bond to help them get out of jail. Securing a bail bond for your loved one allows time to find an attorney and build a strong defense that would help dismiss or reduce the charges against them. This makes it vital to secure a bail bond release for your loved one.

Many people have heard about bail bonds either from TV shows or the news, meaning they have a vague idea of what it entails. That’s why it’s recommendable to work with a professional bail bonds agency to learn everything about bail bond release and guarantee a smooth release for your loved one. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are determined to offering fast bail bond services for the release of our clients arrested in San Benito County. Please schedule an appointment with us today for a fast and easy bail solution.

Overview of a Bail

Bail is an amount of money that works as insurance between the court and the defendant. It offers a guarantee that the defendant will attend all court hearings and adhere to other requirements that have been set forth for a release. The amount is kept in a safe location until you attend all your court hearings, where they will return the bail money.

Defendants can pay cash bail or a property bond to the court rather than securing a bail bond release. Cash bail means that the defendant will be paying the entire bail amount to the court. The court will fully refund your bail if you meet all its obligations. Failure to appear or FTA will have the money forfeited by the court.

Suspicious Bail

If the prosecutor, judge, or police believe that your cash bail was “feloniously” obtained, they will probably hold the release to resolve this issue. Obtaining your cash bail “feloniously” means that you probably received the cash through an illegal transaction, conduct constituting a felony, or through unlawful action.

Therefore, you must prove that you legally obtained these funds if you want the court to accept them. Failure to meet this requirement will have the cash bail rejected by the court and probably raise concerns over the cash.

Therefore, even when you have the funds to secure your release, it’s advisable to use our San Benito County bail bonds agent to retain a “low profile,” especially if you face high-profile narcotic sale charges. This will eliminate the stress that comes with the constant scrutiny of your accounts by the court.

How a Property Bond Works in a Jail Release

When defendants lack money to pay the bail that has been set forth by the judge, they may use their property to post bail. In this situation, the defendant pledges the value of the real estate property as a guarantee to the court. In California, the property in question must have an equity of at least 150% of the total bail amount. Before the court accepts the property as bail, the judge must hold a hearing to determine the legal ownership of the property being offered as a bond and its market value.

You should provide the following documents when preparing for this hearing:

  • The original deed or a certified copy of the property’s deed
  • Everyone who appears on the title deed
  • Current lot book guarantee
  • The property liens history
  • Current appraisal
  • Balance of all loans if the property is on mortgage
  • An original or certified copy of the homestead deed
  • An affidavit showing that the property intends to be used as bail

How to Post a Bail Bond

Since many people cannot post cash bail or a property bond, they usually consider a bail bond. Obtaining a bond can take at least twenty minutes, depending on the location of your bail bond agency. However, it usually takes thirty minutes to four hours to release a defendant from custody.

Bond dealers or agents will post bail in exchange for a non-refundable fee that has been set to a maximum of 10% in California. For example, if your total bail is $100,000, you’ll have to pay $10,000.

However, some bail bonds agencies offer discounts to their clients based on certain factors. For instance, you can get a discount if you are:

  • A government employee
  • A union member
  • A member of the United States military
  • Have a family member who is any of the above and would cosign for your bond release
  • Represented by an attorney

A contract with the bail bondsman lasts for at least a year. For cases that extend beyond this period, you will most likely have to pay a renewal premium. Again, these terms vary from one bail bond agency to the other. Therefore, consult your bail bondsman about this before you make any agreement. 

Types of Collateral You Can Use in Securing a Bail Bond

Bail bonds agencies demand collateral as a security to the amount supposed to be paid for your bail release. Our San Benito County Bail Bonds agency can accept a wide range of items, depending on their value and condition. Here are common items that would count as reasonable collateral to a bail bonds agency. 

Houses or Real Property

A house or a real property is common in securing a bail bond release for a defendant. Properties used as bail bond collateral must have sufficient value to cover the bail amount in full and all the additional expenses incurred by the bail bond agent.

A real property holds an advantage over other types of collateral since it's easy to assess its value, can’t be concealed, and maintains its value over time. Although a bail bondsman works as your friend in ensuring your pre-trial release, they are in business and must have the means to cover any potential losses incurred when you don’t honor your court obligations. Therefore, the bail bondsman will most likely research all the properties submitted to them as collateral to ensure they have no liens placed on them by creditors or other parties.


Our San Benito County Bail Bonds agent can also accept your vehicle as your bail bond collateral. You can use cars, boats, aircraft, and trucks as your collateral. It can be tricky to ascertain the exact value of an automobile, and that’s why most bail bond agencies benchmark their value using the vehicle’s trade-in value.

Remember, the bail bond agent aims to reduce the risk of losing if you fail to honor your court obligation. That’s why bail bond agents must have a clear idea of the car’s value to make it easy for them to recoup their expenses. That’s why they demand your car’s pink slip or deed in trust you meet all your court obligations.


A bail bonds agent can also accept your jewelry as collateral. It’s not easy to determine the worth of necklaces and rings unless you involve a professional appraiser.

Some bail bond agents are cautious when considering jewelry as collateral, despite their wide use. Some would insist that you con, while others would prefer you to pawn the item and use the cash earned to secure your release. That’s why it’s crucial to check your bail bond’s policies before submitting your jewelry.

Precious Metals

Certain precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver can be used as bail bond collateral. Again, you must certify that they are yours and their value as well before you use them.


You can use different types of firearms like crossbows, handguns, and long guns as collateral as long as their value is sufficient enough to cover your bail amount and your bondsman expenses. You must also ascertain their value and prove ownership to have them accepted by the bail bondsman. 

Things You Should Be Aware of When Co-signing a Bail Bond

As a cosigner, you must be certain of what you are involved in before putting your assets as bail bond collateral. Most people have suffered from their decision to cosign a bail bond due to a lack of knowledge about their requirements. Here are several things you must be aware of when co-signing a bail bond.

You’ll be Responsible for the Defendant

One of the biggest requirements as a bail bond co-signer is to be responsible for the defendant. Therefore, you must ensure that the defendant you’ve bailed out shows up for future court dates. If they don’t show up for their court date, the defendant will face further criminal charges, and you’ll be held responsible. You’re also at risk of losing your assets once the bail bonds use them to recover their losses.

Financially Obligation

Cosigners also have a financial obligation towards the bail bond payment. This means that you have to pay the non-refundable upfront charge. So, don’t expect the bondsman to return it to you once your loved one’s case is done. You will also have to put down collateral for the remaining balance for the bondsman to pay your bail amount. If the defendant doesn’t show up for their court date, the bail bond company will collect your asset as payment. 

You Might Require Stipulations

Some bail bonds agents might require stipulation from the cosigner. Some common stipulations include requiring the defendant to go through a mental health evaluation and a drug treatment program. With this requirement, you won’t be responsible if the defendant doesn’t meet the court’s obligations.

You’re Valid Throughout the Court Proceedings

Some people assume that cosigners’ responsibilities end after the initial hearing. However, you’re responsible throughout the entire criminal proceeding. That’s why you should stay up to date with the criminal process to ensure that the defendant attends all the court proceedings.

You Can Cancel Bond

If you wonder whether a cosigner can be removed from a bail bond, the answer is yes. You can talk to our San Benito County Bail bonds agent anytime you feel that your love won’t oblige the court obligations. Once you opt out of a bond, you will be relieving yourself from any financial or criminal obligations.

Nevertheless, the downside of canceling a bond is that the defendant will be arrested and held in jail throughout the court proceeding. 

Mistakes to Avoid When Posting a Bail Bond in San Benito County

Defendants and their cosigners are prone to different mistakes when they are about to post a bail bond. These mistakes can jeopardize the chances of a release throughout the process of posting bail. That’s why you should acknowledge these mistakes and try to avoid them as much as possible. Here are common mistakes to avoid when posting a bail bond.

Choosing the Wrong Bail Bonds Company

There are several bail bond companies in San Benito County that you can choose from. However, only a few can match your expectations. Here are a few tips that can help you take the stress when finding the most reliable bail bond company:

  • Ask Your Attorney: Your attorney can be a great source of information about reputable and established bail bond agencies near you. Therefore, it’s recommendable to seek their advice when choosing a bonds company that you can work with.
  • Be Careful with Inexpensive Bonds: In California, the set percentage for a bail bond release is 10%. However, some bail companies might offer lower pricing than expected. This should raise concerns since most of the bail bond companies with extremely low pricing are less established and would scam you off. However, it’s essential to conduct background research of the agency you are dealing with to determine whether their offer is genuine.

Choosing a bail bonds company with a stellar reputation and positive relationship with your defense attorneys and authorities will help ensure that your release goes smoothly.

Lying to the Bail Bondsman and The Court

Every bail bond company must ask several questions to defendants and their cosigners. These questions intend to determine whether you can pay your bail obligations and meet the court and bond company’s obligations. For instance, they may ask about your address and the place of employment.

Remaining truthful to your court and the bonds agent is critical in avoiding the revocation of your bond in the future. Revocation of your bond might have you sent back to jail and have the judge issue a bench warrant. To secure your release, you must sign another bond agreement, which includes paying an additional fee to the bond agent. 

Choosing the Wrong Cosigner

The amount required to bail you out of jail depends on the reliability of your cosigner. Therefore, choosing the right cosigner for your bond is crucial to ensure instant approval of the individual, which secures a quick release.

In that case, look for a cosigner who has enough money to pay the premium fees and can secure enough collateral to cover the entire bond amount. Your cosigner should also be comfortable with the conditions that have been set forth by our San Benito County Bail Bonds agent.

Unfortunately, the first cosigner that you call probably doesn’t have a stable job or residence. Such a person is deemed a risk by the bond agent and will not secure your release. Therefore, looking for the right person will ensure that you don’t remain in prison for a longer period.

Waiting Long Before Securing Bail

Most defendants assume that they must wait until morning to contact our San Benito County Bail Bonds agent. However, we are available 24 hours of the day and would serve you anytime you call us. Contacting our offices will help you ensure that your loved one spends the least time possible behind bars.

Remember, the process of securing a bail release can be lengthy since it involves several hours of filing paperwork and finding a cosigner. Therefore, contacting an agent as soon as possible will help you secure your release quickly.

Your cosigner must also have the necessary information before contacting the bail bonds agent. This includes your name, date of birth, telephone, address, and area of residence. Having these details will speed up the process of securing your release.

Jail and Court Information in San Benito County

Below is a list of all jails in San Benito County

County Jail

710 Flynn Rd

Hollister, CA 95023

Phone: 831-634-4060

San Benito County Marshal

2301 Technology Pkwy

Hollister, CA 95023

Phone: 831-634-4028

Below is the information of the only court that serves people in San Benito County

San Benito County Superior Court

450 4th St.

Hollister, CA 95023

Phone: 831-636-4057

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