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Every defendant in San Diego County has the right to a pretrial release through bail or bail bond because the legal system presumes them innocent until proven otherwise. Sadly, there is concern that you, as a defendant, will skip town or commit another violation hence the need to put up funds with the court as assurance you will return for trial or obey other court obligations. Depending on the crime’s nature, the funds are often in thousands of dollars, explaining why many people in Warner Springs choose bail services for their bailout. If you need professional help with a bailout, Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds is ready to assist.

Explanation of Warner Springs Bail Bond

If you are new to arrests, you will not be familiar with the concept of posting bail or purchasing a bond, hence the need for understanding it. Bail is money you pay to the court to be set free pending your court trial. The bail payment signifies vested interests in showing up for scheduled court proceedings until the judge verdicts the case. The main aim of bail is to presume defendants innocent until proven otherwise, meaning you could post bail and leave jail for the period of the court case.

Typically, if you are new to arrests in Warner Springs, you want to know the action to take when you find yourself in police custody. To do that, you must begin by understanding bail and bail bonds. Bail refers to funds you or another party on your behalf deposits with the court to be set free. The funds act as a surety or a motivator to appear for the remaining court hearings.

On the other hand, a bail bond is a monetary agreement between you and our Warner Springs bail bonds firm to secure your freedom from jail. Once you agree to the contract terms, the bail agency contacts the court to work on your pretrial release. Nevertheless, the bondsman must pay money, bond, or collateral to the court for your freedom. Nonetheless, before doing this, the agency will require you to pay a non-refundable fee equivalent to 10% of the total bail. When the company pays the funds, they become responsible for your actions, including not showing up in court. When you skip scheduled hearings, the bail agent will be responsible for hunting you down and presenting you before a judge.

Remember that skipping court is something you will regret forever because it is possible to lose all the bail money deposited. If you secured a bond, the bail company will seize your collateral and use its proceeds to recover the money they deposited on your behalf. Again, a judge will issue a warrant for your arrest. Your bail will be revoked when re-arrested, and you face additional charges of failure to appear. The only way to skip court and have your bail reinstated is if:

  • You suffered a disability that prevented your appearance
  • You were apprehended and detained in a different jurisdiction
  • You were hospitalized for a severe injury

However, you must back these reasons with evidence, meaning you will need the necessary paperwork to support all your assertions.

On top of bail payment, the court can impose other conditions that you must comply with during the period of the pretrial release. Some of these requirements include frequently meeting with your parole officer, obeying restrictive orders, and staying away from crime for the time you are out on bail.

Note that if you appear for the criminal proceedings as initially agreed and the court finds you innocent, they will refund your money. The reason you pay the money to the court of law and not the legal system is that bail is not a penalty for the offense but an encouragement not to skip hearings, and this is why they return the money if you obey court orders. Although the funds should be returned in full upon acquittal or conviction, you will not obtain a refund because the money goes towards paying the imposed court fines when you face conviction.

Also, it is worth understanding that although you have a right to bail, sometimes courts violate this liberty by denying bail. Judges deny bail on the basis that you pose a threat to yourself and the public if you were to be freed from jail awaiting case closure. Again, the funds you pay for each crime are different. They will increase the fine depending on the severity of the law contravention. Judges can alter by either increasing or reducing the money to be paid for a crime based on the circumstances.

How San Diego County Bail Bonds Function

The preference for many defendants when securing pretrial releases is bail bonds and not cash bail or property bond. This method of obtaining freedom has become prevalent in Warner Springs because of the ability to leave jail even in the absence of the financial ability to do so. Also, you do not need to risk your property or spend all your savings towards a bailout because you will be exposing yourself and the family to financial problems. However, you regain your everyday life only for a 10% premium fee on the total bail with bonds.

Similarly, working with a Warner Springs bondsman means you must not worry about the complex procedures and the bail system. What is necessary is to agree on the release conditions and the terms of the contract by the bail company. The company will handle the rest, including explaining the bailout conditions to avoid further violations. And because criminal offenses have different classes, the type of bond differs from one category to another. If you are an illegal alien apprehended for breaking immigration laws, you need an immigration bond to obtain a bailout. For a weapons crime, you must post a weapons bond.

Therefore, a Warner Springs bail bond is a deal between you and a licensed San Diego County Bondsman, where they send an agent to pay bail to court for your freedom. In return, as a fee for buying the bond, you agree to pay the price usually, a percentage of the comprehensive bail.

Once you are out of jail, the bondsman must agree to take responsibility for your court attendance on the specified dates. And to secure the bond they are paying on your behalf, you must deposit some collateral with the company.

Even though it is much easier today to obtain freedom without letting a family member or friend know of your incarceration, securing help from another person can further streamline the process.

Usually, after booking, you will have a chance for a single phone call. You are encouraged to utilize this call to talk to a friend or close family to inform them of the apprehension. From there, the person you contacted should reach out to a licensed bondsman with your name, jail location, and the offense you were apprehended for committing to commence the bailout procedure immediately. Before taking up the case, a bail agent will run background checks in the criminal database to see if you have any pending matters in court, based on your record. If you are clean, the Warner Springs bail agency will finish the agreement and request you to deposit the premium fee. Also, you can be asked to put up property or assets as security for the bail.

After the necessary fees have been paid, an agent will go to the Central Courthouse in San Diego and deposit the whole bond. Additionally, the licensed agent will complete the remaining paperwork, and you will be released from jail.

Critical Terms to Understand During a San Diego County Bailout

Bail bonds provide defendants in Warner Springs the convenience of leaving jail even when they cannot pay the comprehensive bond. For a 10% fee on the total bail, you can regain control over your life and reunite with your loved ones. Bail agents speed up the bailout process enabling you to keep your job and avoid lost wages due to the time lost in custody.

Once a judge grants bail, there are critical terms you must understand before reaching out to your Warner Springs bail bonds company. These are:

San Diego County Bail Conditions

By the time you arrive at the term bail conditions, you already understand the definition of bail and how it is determined. Therefore, before contacting your bail agency, you must understand the needs or requirements for the release. Typically, you must not skip court or engage in any criminal act after a bailout. A subsequent apprehension can result in detention or bail suspension in the next hearing.

Moreover, you will be required to follow the judge’s terms, like staying away from the victim of your crime.

San Diego County Indemnitor or Co-signer

Although purchasing a bond will appear like an easy process, you need an indemnitor, also known as a guarantor or co-signer. A co-signer could be anybody you trust, like a friend, spouse, or close family member. Like the bail agent, these individuals are responsible for your court appearances.

Note that an indemnitor must be someone who can afford to pay the bail if you flee town after a bailout. Therefore, the individual must have a job or enough assets to be converted into money to cover the losses incurred after bail forfeiture. The bail agency will turn to your indemnitor when they cannot find you. If you skip town, the person to suffer most is the guarantor, which is why if they learn of your intentions to flee or see you are breaking the law, they should report you. After the re-arrest, the guarantor is relieved of their duties, and you are forced to look for another co-signer.

San Diego County Collateral

From the above definition of an indemnitor, you realize that it is not a piece of cake to find someone willing to become a co-signer because of the risk involved. Sadly, when you cannot find one, it should not mean you will not be posting bail. Your Warner Springs bondsman will provide you with an option to put up your assets or property as collateral. Like in loans, the property is used as a surety or assurance that you will hold your side of the deal by adhering to bail conditions.

San Diego County Forfeiture

Another term you must be familiar with during a bailout is forfeiture. It means that when you skip or fail to show up for specified court dates, the money the bail agency deposited with the court will be lost.

When bail is forfeited, the company incurs huge losses. To recover from the loss, the company will seize the property you had set up as collateral and auction it to recover the entire bail. Alternatively, the company will hunt you down and present you in court, resulting in bail cancellation. Once bail is canceled, the bondsman obtains their money back.

San Diego County Bounty Hunter

Recall, a bounty hunter is a person that is usually sent after you when you skip court. They are fugitive recovery professionals hired by the bail agency. Usually, they are paid a percentage of the bail funds the agency was to forfeit were they not to present you before a judge. Because of the handsome pay, bounty hunters are motivated to do their work and use their training to track you down and make the apprehension.

In conclusion, it is advisable to spend the time you are out on bail with your family, at work, and with your attorney discussing the charges you face. Doing so prevents the need for the bail agency to send a bounty hunter after you for fleeing town to escape the criminal counts in court.

Besides, when you cannot afford the thousands of dollars set as bail, a Warner Springs bondsman is available to facilitate your pretrial release. All you need is to pay the premium fee and a co-signer or collateral to secure the bail, and you will be free.

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