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When the police arrest you, your loved ones, or friends in Amador County, the options to secure your release might be limited. So, you might end up remaining in jail for an extended period due to a lack of money or help to post bail. But, you may secure your release by working with a licensed and trusted bail bond company.

At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we will help you post your bail within a short period. Our aggressive bail bond agents will do their best to ensure they offer the best bail services to secure the release of your loved ones. When you agree with the bail bondsmen, you want to observe the contract terms; otherwise, you might face re-arrest.

What is Bail?

Bail is a refundable deposit which you post to exit a jail facility until your trial. The bail acts as collateral to ensure you appear in the court during court trial or proceedings. Bail is mainly in cash or bail bonds. However, not all cases will require you to post bail. Before posting the bail, the court will consider the nature of the crime and your criminal records. The court will also refund your bail when you show up in court. But, when you fail to show up, the court will keep the bail as collateral and issue your arrest warrant. Many defendants want to walk out of jail and attend to their job and children and prepare for court.

What is a Bail Bond in Amador County?

A bail bond is an agreement between you and your bail bond agents that will help you post bail. If you don't have sufficient money to post your bail, You may contact a bail bonds company. The bail bond company has bondsmen. By signing an agreement with the company, you agree to appear in court. When you fail to show up at the court, the bail bondsmen will track you and bring you to the court.

Types of Bail Bonds in Amador County

When it comes to the various bail bonds in California, their difference usually depends on the facts surrounding your case and your financial assets during your time of the arrest. The following are the common types of bail bonds in California:

  • Cash Bail

Cash bail bonds involve the defendant making the bail payment in the form of cash. If you have sufficient money to pay for your bail, it becomes a simple task to exit the jail. Upon showing up on all the scheduled court dates and the judge makes a final judgment, you will receive your money back. So, if you walk out of jail through cash bail, you want to ensure you appear at the court as ordered.

  • Surety Bail Bonds

Surety bail bonds are another type of bail bond in California. It’s an agreement between the bail bond agents and the arrestee showing the agent they will pay a specific percentage of the bail amount (primarily 10%), and the bail bondsmen will pay their full bail amount. When you, as the arrestee, fail to appear at the court as ordered, your bail bond will be forfeited as well as face other penalties. In a few cases, the bail bond agents will ask for collateral before securing the surety bonds. The collateral may include a house or real estate or any other property of value.

  • Immigration Bonds

In California, these are special bonds used to secure the release of undocumented non-immigrants. The process of securing bonds for immigrants might be challenging since their cases are handled by Immigration and Customs Enforcement and the US Department of Homeland Security. Also, the process of obtaining the bonds by the immigrant's legal status.

  • Property Bonds

The state’s law allows a defendant to use property bonds and secure their release from jail. The bonds work similar to cash bonds, but you will agree to use your property as collateral for your jail exit instead of paying cash. Usually, the court will take more time to process the property bail bonds than take on cash and surety bonds. The criminal court will require much time to assess the value of the property before accepting it. For the property to qualify as collateral, it must have a value worth twice the initial bail amount.

  • Federal Bail Bonds

If you have committed a federal crime in California, you will be required to post a federal bail bond to secure your jail release. The crimes charged under federal laws are severe crimes, including homicides, armed robbery, and kidnapping. Due to the crimes' gravity, the crimes convicted under federal laws usually carry a larger bail amount than other crimes. The federal rates are 15% of your bail amount.

What is Bail Hearing in Amador County?

During the hearing, the court will set your bail amount. The jury examines your case details and the nature of the crime to set the bail. As per the state’s laws, there exist bail schedules posted along with the jails. The schedule determines the bail amount you pay based on the offense. The Amador County bail bonds agents recommend you pay the bail amount to the courthouse or clerk located next to the jails.

A bail hearing occurs during the first appearance in court after your arrest. The judges consider whether your crime was violent, drug-related, your character, and your criminal history. They also consider whether you possess a threat in society when released before the court date.

Although posting bail doesn't require a lawyer, you want to hire a defense attorney to help in determining your bail amount during the hearing. At times, the lawyer will negotiate for the court to lower the bail amount during the bail hearing. Again, a criminal defense lawyer may negotiate with the judge to have a recognizance bond.

A recognizance bond involves signing an agreement with the criminal court promising to adhere to the court restrictions, and you will show up during the court hearing. When you sign a recognizance bond, you don't pay bail fees. Therefore, a recognizance bond helps you save thousands of dollars. However, the court may fail to consider recognizance bonds, especially in violent crimes, felonies, and gang-related offenses.

How Bail Is Set in Amador County

The judge considers the seriousness of your crime before setting bail. If you committed a serious crime, the bail amount is also high. The judge will also consider your criminal history. When you committed a severe offense in the past, your bail amount will be high. The judge may also assess your likelihood to appear in the court preceding if the judge thinks you will appear in the court, your bail amount will be below. Alternatively, if you have missed court preceding in your history, your bail amount will be high.

How To Post Bail In Amador County?

When arrested for a crime, you will remain in detention, waiting for your trial. If you are unlikely to pose a danger to people, the court may release you on bail. The judge will set the bail amount, and then you will pay the courthouse. There are various steps you may use to bail yourself or your loved one out of jail. Bailing yourself to exit the jail is optional, and sometimes the court sets the bail high.

When you don't have sufficient money to post bail, you may ask a friend or a relative to post for you. Bailing someone requires a lot of responsibility since you want to ensure the person you bail will appear in court proceedings before bailing them out of jail.

Again, when you have insufficient funds, you may contact a bail bonds company. The bail bonds agents usually charge a fee for the legal services. The amount changes depending on the situation during your arrest, the amount of risk taken by the bail agencies. Due to the risk involved when bailing you out of jail, the bail agent requires collateral.

The collateral involves anything of value to you valued at the same price as the bail amount. In California, The fee is a maximum of 10 percent of the bail amount. Depending on the agreement in paperwork, you may pay the fee on a payment plan or upfront. The Amador County bail agents set bail conditions, which you must meet. Remember, bail bond agents take the risk of bailing you out of jail.

What is a Bounty Hunter?

A bounty hunter is a professional responsible for finding and capturing fugitives for the bail bondsman. When you work with the bondsmen and fail to show up at the court hearing, the court considers you a fugitive. An arrest warrant is issued against you. The court will set a forfeiture date, and if nobody can locate you, the bail agent becomes responsible for paying your full bail amount. You become responsible for paying the bond amount. Again the collateral you stated in your contract will be theirs.

Bounty hunters receive payment of 10-20 on your total bail amount. The bounty hunter receives the payment after locating, tracking, and capturing the fugitive. Many bounty hunters are specialists in gathering information, locating and capturing suspects. The hunters keep bail bondsman interest and community interest by returning criminals to the court.

Conditions for Bail

Apart from posting a bail bond, you will want to comply with specific conditions. The conditions include failures to violate any law. Again, the judges may prohibit you from contacting the alleged victim. You may also be required to abstain from drugs, alcohol, possessing weapons, and abiding by a curfew. If you violate the conditions, you face strict conditions, and the court revokes your bail. You will be placed under detention after the court revokes your bail.

Why You Should Seek Bail Bond Services From Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds

If the law enforcement officers arrest your friend or family member at Amador county, working with the best bail bond company will make the difference in how you will keep them out of jail. Our bail bond agents at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds understand your financial capability is critical, and having unexpected expenses when posting your bail is the last thing you want to do. Even when you are not financially stable, we will provide better payment plans to ensure your family member or friend exits the jail as soon as possible. Also, by working with our bondsmen, you will enjoy the following bail bond services.

  • Our Bail Bond Company is Insured and Licensed

A bail bond company’s insurance and license are critical aspects you want to consider before choosing to work with a certain bail bond company. Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a licensed and well-insured bail bonds company in Amador County. The state and federal governments license the bail bonds agents. We ensure our bail bonds agents work with unexpired licenses. If you doubt our experts, you may check their details through the insurance department.

  • 24/7 Bail Bond Services

In California, law enforcement officers may arrest you anytime, either during nighttime or daytime. But, you want to resume your regular daily routine immediately. When you don’t know any bail bond agent immediately after your arrest, you may find yourself in a difficult situation. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, our experts are ready to offer bail bond services anytime. If your arrest occurs outside business hours, don’t hesitate to call our bail bond agents.

  • Experienced Bail Bond Agents

Our experience in the bail bond industry is what keeps our company ahead of others. The bondsmen in our company have decades of years practicing bail bond services across California. Our experience helps us prepare and post bail since we understand the California legal system. So, we will work with you from the start of the bail bond process until you secure your release. Remember, due to our experience in service, we have outstanding relationships with court clerks, jailers, and criminal attorneys. Note that posting a bail bond won’t be the end of your case but rather the start of your defense against the alleged crime. We will help you make the correct decision anytime you require our legal services.

  • We Offer the Lowest Rates and Easy Payment Plans

Amador County bail bonds agents understand the importance of your exit from the jail. Therefore, we ensure our rates and fees remain the lowest compared to other bail bond companies. We also provide discounts to our clients facing special situations to ensure they exit the jails. Our bail bond agents allow various payment options like credit cards to make your bail bond process smooth. We understand many people in California don’t put money aside for bail. No one knows when the police will arrest them. That’s why our bail bond agents closely work with you throughout the legal process.

  • We Offer Bilingual Services to Our Clients

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds specialize in providing bilingual services to immigrant clients seeking to post bail in Amador county. We provide legal services in Spanish and English. We focus on helping the Latino community to obtain bail bonds.

Our bail bond company has Spanish-speaking bail bond agents ready to work with you and your loved ones to obtain the legal services they require. Sometimes the Spanish-speaking people may be unfairly prosecuted because of language barriers, and that’s why we want to help them exit the jail immediately after their arrest.

  • Post Your Bail Over the Phone or Online

Walking to the court or the jail facility to post a bail bond might be time-consuming. That’s why Amador County Bail Bonds agents allow you to post bail for your loved ones without leaving the safety and comfort of your home. You will only fill easy application forms over the phone and then secure your friend’s release. However, you will provide the defendant's information like:

  • Defendant’s full names
  • Citizen information
  • Email addresses
  • Phone number
  • Birthday
  • The jail information where the defendant is detained

The law requires you also to provide information to identify yourself. The information is essential whether you are applying for the bond in person or online. When you find it challenging to provide your information online, the court allows you to provide the information over the phone. 

Jail and Court Information in Amador County

Amador Superior Court

500 Argonaut Lane

Jackson, CA 95642

(209) - 257 - 2600

El Dorado Courthouse

495 Main Street

Placerville, California 95667


Amador Sheriff's Center

700 Court street

Jackson, California 95642

Amador County Victim’s Center

708 Court Street

Jackson, California 95642


Amador County Jail

700 court Street

Jackson, California 95642

(209) - 223 - 6500

Mule Creek Prison

4001 California-104

Lone, California 95640


California Correctional Facility

24900, California-202

Tehachapi, California 93561


California State’s Prison

44750 60th street

Lancaster, California 93536


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Posting bail in Amador County might be a complicated process, especially when it’s your first-time offense. That’s why you want to work with a reputable bail bond agent. You want to hire our experts from Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds for professional and reliable bail bond services. Our experts are ready and willing to provide legal help regardless of the time of your arrest and financial capability. We also work on a 24/7 basis to ensure you return home and resume your duties as soon as possible. Call us today at 844-400-2245, and let our bail bonds agents help you walk out of jail as soon as possible.