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Bail Bonds in Yucaipa, California

Yucaipa, CA is a city nestled in the foothills of the San Bernardino Mountains, just ten miles east of San Bernardino. Yucaipa was once home to a large population of Serrano Indians. The Serrano people named the area Yucaipat, which meant “Green Valley.”

The beautiful Yucaipa Valley is home to the oldest home in San Bernardino County, the Yucaipa Adobe. Built in 1842 by Diego Sepulveda, the site is a California Historical Landmark.

In 1936 Cleo and Leo Stater, twin brothers, revolutionized grocery shopping in the Inland Empire when they founded the Stater Bros. Market chain. Stater Bros. Stores are famous for their on-site butchers in their more than 175 stores. The headquarters for the chain was later moved from Yucaipa to San Bernardino.

Yucaipa is home to the Yucaipa Regional Park on Oak Glen Road. The Yucaipa park offers panoramic views of the San Bernardino Mountains, as well as a wide range of outdoor activities including: three lakes for fishing, a swim complex with water slides, and a sandy beach area. Camping is available at the Yucaipa Park, with large group shelters that are capable of holding up to 350 people.

Yucaipa Festivals and Events

Each year the City of Yucaipa is host to a variety of community festivals and events. In May, the Music and Arts Festival is a three-day event featuring live music and artistry from more than 100 artists.

The City Fourth of July Celebration each year honors the nation's Independence Day with family-friendly activities held at the Yucaipa High School on Yucaipa Boulevard. Live music and entertainment, as well as food vendors and family-friendly fun, is free to all. The festivities conclude with fireworks at dusk.

The city also celebrates with other festivals throughout the year, including an Autumnfest and Winterfest.

Law Enforcement in Yucaipa

The Yucaipa Policing Services are provided by the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department. The Yucaipa Police Department’s paid staff is supplemented by 167 volunteers who annually donate over 30,000 hours of services, providing the staffing for Line Reserves, Citizen Patrol, 2 Search & Rescue Teams, a Mounted Posse, a Chaplain Corp, and Explorer Scouts.

Yucaipa residents enjoy the safety and security of living in one of the safest cities in the Inland Empire. In addition to the “routine” patrol services the Yucaipa Police Station provides, the station has an exceptional Traffic Detail which includes motor units and a Major Accident Investigation Team (MAIT), a Multiple Enforcement Team (MET) which is comprised of highly trained investigators that target specific criminal activity. The Yucaipa Police Department has established the following programs:

  • Citizen Academy
  • Police to Business Partnership Breakfast
  • Faith Based Community Luncheon
  • Business Security Assessment Program
  • Inter-active Website 

Yucaipa Station personnel have the added responsibility of providing security to the citizens who frequent the unincorporated area that surrounds the city, including Oak Glen, Forest Falls, Angelus Oaks, Mentone and the San Gorgonio Wilderness. The San Gorgonio Wilderness contains over 28 designated camps, 8 United States Forestry Service (USFS) public campgrounds, numerous public hiking trails and dry camp locations. This area which is home to the highest peak in Southern California (San Gorgonio Peak) can have an influx of over 10,000 campers on any given day.

Yucaipa Police Department

34144 Yucaipa Boulevard

Yucaipa, CA  92399

(909) 918-2305

Oak Glen Conservation Camp near Yucaipa, CA

The California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation operates a Conservation Camp near Yucaipa, CA. Oak Glen Conservation Camp is located at:

Oak Glen Conservation Camp
41100 Pinebench RD.
Yucaipa, CA  92399
(909) 797-0196

The Oak Glen Camp is used to house inmates of the California Department of Corrections and is a location that provides on the job training to inmates in woodworking, tree trimming, and pest control. The Camp also provides custom cabinetry for many fire stations throughout the state.

Where is the Jail in Yucaipa

If you are arrested and taken to jail in Yucaipa, CA, you will likely be transported to the Central Detention Center at:

Central Detention Center
630 E. Rialto Ave.
San Bernardino, CA  92410
(909) 386-0969

Bail in Yucaipa, California

Once you are booked into jail in Yucaipa, you'll likely want to get out as fast as possible. Each jail location should have a list of the common bail requirements for common charges. You can also find a copy of the San Bernardino Bail Schedule here.

Bail is an amount of money that is held by the court system to ensure that, if they let you out of jail, you'll continue to show up for hearings and court proceedings until your court case has reached a conclusion. To determine the amount of bail required to get out of jail, you can use the county bail schedule. First, you'll have to locate the primary charge. This is usually the charge that carries the highest possible jail time and largest bail requirement. Then, you add to that any additional charges or special circumstances that might increase the bail amount. The amount of bail you'll need to pay is all of those amounts added together.

Bail Bonds in  Yucaipa

A Bail Bondsman is someone who is licensed by the state to pay bail on behalf of someone else for a fee. This fee is called a premium. The Bail Premium is generally 10% of the entire amount of bail that is required to get out of jail. For instance, if the entire amount of bail required is $15,000, the bail premium would be $1,500. By using the services of a bail bondsman, you can avoid using all of your available resources just getting out jail, and you can keep that money for hiring an attorney or for living expenses as you wait to see your court case through to the end.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has the lowest rates on bail bonds in the state. Under certain circumstances, your bail bond rate could be as low as 7%. To get started on bail bonds right away, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL (2245). The licensed professionals at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds will work fast to get you out of jail and home to friends and family, as quickly as possible. 

Who Can Bail Me Out of Jail in Yucaipa?

If the court believes that the money being used to pay your bail came from illegal activity, they can hold you in jail until they can have a hearing about the money being used to post bail. The court gives a person the opportunity to post bail if they believe the person is likely to show up for hearings and trial because of the money they paid for bail. If the money being used for bail was gotten by illegal means, then the court has good reason to believe that there is enough additional money that the bail won't ensure cooperation with the legal system in the future.

As long as the funds being used to bail a person out of jail do not seem suspicious to the court authorities, almost anyone can post bail for another person in Yucaipa.

How Do I Get Bail Bonds in Yucaipa?

If a person doesn't have the money on hand to just pay their bail (and most people don't), then you call a bail bondsman like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. A bail bondsman is a person who is licensed by the state and works with an agency to post bail for others. When a bond company pays the bail, it is underwritten by a type of insurance company called a Surety Company. The state of California and the individual Surety Company both regulate how bail bondsman can operate. He is required to charge a premium for the person for whom he is posting bond. Once a person has paid the premium, for themselves or another person, the bail bond company will then post the bail with the court so that the defendant can get out of jail.

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