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Nothing can cut a day in half or even shred it into little pieces better than an arrest.  You can never prepare for yourself for the moment that a family member, friend, lover, or neighbor might surprise you with a call.   Who do you call to answer your issues about bail?  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds Services are available on-line and by telephone 24/7 for residents of Riverside County.  Not only does the Mr. Nice Guy operation have the range to cover bail and bail bond needs in this region of California, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is number 1 for bail service in Riverside county.

On-line bail service Riverside:

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents provide confidential service to everyone in every situation possible, and their experience is so extensive that they give you 95% of the information that you need to understand the process and make a decision right here, on-line.  You can research, decide, and even complete all the paperwork in the comfort of home on your computer.

Just like you found this general information about Riverside County you can use the site to find all the other resources for processing bail or a bail bond and move forward to free your family member or friend.  If you are reading this you are less than an hour away from completing the process and providing freedom to someone who needs it.  Now if you want to find more information or get immediate help in knowing how to proceed, call their offices toll free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245).  Mr. Nice Guy offices are never closed.

Riverside County Sheriff

To use Mr. Nice Guy’s direct link to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department database inquiry.  Supply the information requested:  their full name, optionally include date of birth, gender and you should get the status of the person you are trying to find.  If the response comes with nothing, make sure you’ve allowed enough time for the booking process to complete or try again with the correct date of birth or different spellings on the name.  When, the data returns, you’ll get information on where the person is being held in jail, charges and bail amounts may also be listed.

If they were arrested outside of Riverside County you can choose another Location from the drop down list of counties and cities in which Mr. Nice Guy agents operate.

Now access Mr. Nice Guy’s pull down access Forms (look at the site’s navigation bar).  This contains all the forms you need to complete the process.  You can print and fax them OR you can complete them and submit via the internet from your computer or internet device as long as you agree to electronic signature.

Call for a free consultation or assistance – toll free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245)

Riverside County Jails

There are five jails, or correctional facilities, in Riverside County, all managed by the Sheriff’s Department Corrections Division, one of the largest jail operations in the state and throughout the country.

Robert Presley Detention Center (RPDC):
4000 Orange Street
Riverside, CA 92501

This jail facility is located in the downtown area of Riverside, California, the Robert Presley Detention Center was opened in 1989 and is administered under the direction of the Corrections Division Chief Deputy. ·      

Southwest Detention Center:
30755 B Auld Road
Murrieta, CA 92563

The Southwest Detention Center is located in the southwest portion of Riverside County, adjacent to the cities of Temecula and Murrieta, in an area known as French Valley. ·      

Larry D. Smith Correctional Facility:
1627 S. Hargrave Street
Banning, CA 92220

Located in the city of Banning, the Smith Correctional Facility is the Department’s largest correctional facility. The facility holds inmates as they await arraignment, hearings, trials, and sentencing, as well as inmates who have been sentenced to serve a county jail sentence.

Indio Jail:
46057 Oasis Street
PO Box 1748
Indio, CA 92201

Located in the City of Indio, the Indio Jail serves the Coachella Valley region.

Blythe Jail:
260 N. Spring Street
Blythe, CA 92225

Located in the City of Blythe at the Junction of I-10 and US-95 and serving the Colorado River agricultural communities and recreation areas.

Bail Bonds in Riverside County

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents have experience finding the bail amount within the different bail schedules that are updated each July.  The state of California manages the actual definitions of charges and the bail schedule is developed against the charges, some increasing to deter the practice.  DUI is an example of a charge that carries a bail amount that has increased specifically to deter the practice of driving while impaired.   All of the bail agents working for Mr. Nice Guy have experience in assisting people with locating friends or relatives and determining the bail amount required for their release. 

Factors that influence the bail amount are multiple charges, like the additional charge of resisting arrest when the original arrest was for possession of stolen property.  Also bail can be increased when the person has been previously arrested for the same charge; the bail for most second arrests are usually double.

Under Resources on Mr. Nice Guy’s Navigation bar, you can look up the California Penal Codes that list all possible legal charges for crimes.  Call Mr. Nice Guy and speak to a licensed bail agent for determining what the bail will be based on the charges for the individual (844) 400-BAIL or (844) 400-2245.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bond agents have experience with misdemeanors and felonies, from aggravated assault to vandalism.  Whether your friend or family member faces a DUI or a fraud charge, an arson charge or a solicitation charge, the agents have dealt with those issues before.  They all do, however, have sensitivity and expertise to confidentially discuss the details of each individual situation.   From misdemeanor to felony, the Mr. Nice Guy agents have secured bonds for release and have run all over Riverside County to make sure that the people and paperwork get the right place at the right time.  None of the agents are judges over the arrested person’s charges, and they all operate with the understanding that everyone is “innocent until proven guilty.”   The agents hold your discussion in confidence and respect your support of friend or family member. 

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds can also assist in finding out if you or anyone else you know has any existing warrants.  In many cases, a warrant is cause for the arrest.  There is a process for dealing with them, so call if you want information on your steps to cleaning up warrants (844) 400-2245.

How much is bail in Riverside?

Bail set using a standard amount based on the charges of an arrest and possibly multiplied by any previous same arrests, refer to the off of this selection under the Locations Tab.  The bail amounts are fixed by the state of California for the arrest charges.  Only in exceptional and violent cases does the county impose stipulations on how bail must be paid, for example a “headline” arrest might have bail set at $1,000,000 cash only.

Mr. Nice Guy agents remain fixed on their claim that they have done all, seen all, and disclosed nothing.  Their job is to provide a less expensive means to provide a way out.  Mr. Nice Guy prepares bail bonds at 10% of the bail amount, basically 100 dollars for every thousand.   For many, the bail bond option is preferred because it doesn’t tie up all your available resources for the first phase of the arrest process.  You can look at the About tab information on the Navigation bar an read how Mr. Nice Guy charges no annual premiums over the life of the bond (no hidden fees, no nonsense).

There are always additional costs and fees associated with an arrest that can compound and apply more negative impact on the arrestee’s family.  Bail bonds allow for the earliest possible release of the individual without existing all resources that might be needed to prepare the person for the legal process to come.   There may also be expenses for recovering a vehicle from impound.   The arrested person out on bail is still required to appear at a scheduled arraignment (enter a plea) and required to appear (or send a contracted attorney) to represent them in sentence hearing or pre-trial hearing, and appear in person through continued court action if they plead not guilty and are granted a trial.  Arrestees who have been bailed out are required to appear in court, but can operate normally from home until the process is complete.

Payment of the full bail amount or the bail bond can be made on-line and that will send the Mr. Nice Guy bail agent to whichever location is available to submit the bail bond or applicable release paperwork.  Unlike visitors or non-attorney types, licensed bail agents have access to meet with inmates and complete the transactions any time, day or night.

Does that sound reasonable?  Call Mr. Nice Guy toll-free at (844) 400-BAIL (2245) and see why they are regarded so highly in Riverside County.  Take some time to explore the website and the blogs and don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have.  Most of the answers you need are there amidst the site resources, but if it’s an urgent mission that you are on – call and connect with a Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bonds agent.