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Jerry Dunphy (06-09-1921 – 05-20-2002) was the face of the news on Southern California – always beginning each broadcast with the proclamation “from the desert to the sea to all of Southern California, good evening.”  The broadcast was heard throughout the southland, and for many years that included the area of San Diego County until they expanded to their own broadcasts of local news.  Mr. Nice Guy isn’t trying to fill that slot or overrun it in your memory but their services cover the same range: San Diego County, Riverside County, San Bernadino County, Orange County and, of course, Los Angeles County.  It’s the same range as the evening news broadcast, but Mr. Nice Guys services are more focused and discreet and far quieter.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds provides San Diego County residents with the most urgent private service in what is the most private environment available … your home.  Arrests, whether you feel they are justified or not, are not the incidents that you consult your neighbors or even your closest friends about.  These are private events that require care and confidence in resolving.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents provide free confidential consultation by phone or through on-line details in this website under this page.  Most of the resources you need to bail someone out of jail are right here.  From Rancho Bernardo to Encinitas, La Jolla to La Mesa, and within the entire region of San Diego County, Mr. Nice Guy can help you find your friend or relative, and process the paperwork that will deliver that individual from jail.

If you are in a rush to resolve the process or need their immediate help, call them toll free at (844) 400-2245 (BAIL) for a free consultation.  If you want to understand what options are available and the circumstances (now and until settled) that your friend or family member faces, continue reading. 

On-line bail bonds in San Diego

Existing warrants in San Diego make people a prime target for arrest in a traffic stop.  Warrants are issued when traffic tickets or minor infractions go unpaid, or when court summons’ or appearances aren’t met.  Use this link to look-up warrant history for yourself, or anyone else in your family.  Clearing up warrants is essential to prevent the situation from escalating and Mr. Nice Guy’s agents can post a bond that prevents an embarrassing at home “surrender to custody” or street arrest.

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents have experience in bailing out individuals with all types of arrests and they know how to find the arrestee in the systems in San Diego County and elsewhere in California.  They have familiarity with all the possible facilities where an arrestee can be held and know the process.  They assist people just like you with their friends or relatives facing charges like

driving under the influence (DUI/DWI) or driving on a suspended license,

larceny, possession of controlled substances or drug paraphernalia, or possession of stolen property, and vandalism.  They can help in all types of arrests and can provide guidance on what to expect from the later legal process.

San Diego County Jails

You can find your friend or family member by knowing where they were arrested.  If you don’t know, start with San Diego, your home county.  Use this link to find to who's incarcerated in San Diego.  Mr. Nice Guy agents use the same type of tool for all the neighboring counties and can search for you and retrieve the charge and bail information.

Still Can’t Find Them?  Call Mr. Nice Guy toll free at (844) 400-2245 (BAIL)

Once you found your friend or family member, Mr. Nice Guy Agents can post bail or bail bond to all detention facilities in San Diego County (click on each address below to reveal the maps):

East Mesa Reentry Facility
446 Alta Rd, Suite 5200
San Diego, CA 92158


Facility 8 Detention Facility
446 Alta Rd, Suite 5300
San Diego, CA 92158


George F. Bailey Detention Facility
446 Alta Rd, Suite 5300
San Diego, CA 92158


Las Colinas Detention & Reentry Facility
451 Riverview Parkway
Santee, CA 92071


South Bay Detention Facility
500 Third Ave
Chula Vista, CA 91910


San Diego Central Jail
1173 Front St
San Diego, CA 92101

(619) 610-1647

Vista Detention Facility
325 S. Melrose Dr, Suite 200
Vista, CA 92081


How much is bail bond in San Diego?

Bail is set on a California State schedule for charges identified the California Penal Code that differs only slightly between counties (often to thwart a particular type of crime in a region).   Bail can be increased if this the second or third arrest on the same charge.   For example, bail in the amount of $2000 for a charge is due at the facility where your friend or family member is incarcerated.  A Mr. Nice Guy bail bond can be posted for $200 and a one-time premium charge that will not carry into future years or be disguised in your monthly payments.  Look at Mr. Nice Guy’s About page on the Navigation bar, you’ll see our commitment to providing service “on the level” and it’s much fairer than our competitors. 

Get the Bail Amount and More from Mr. Nice Guy at (844) 400-2245 (BAIL)!

Mr. Nice Guy services are right here (on-line) for processing applications for bail bonds and making the bail or bail bond payment.  Use the Forms selection on the Navigation Bar to initiate all the paperwork needed, which can be printed and then faxed OR done completely on-line with electronic signatures.

Mr. Nice Guy provides a secure payment portal for posting full bail amounts or bond amounts in whatever manner you want (debit, credit, bit-coin).

A bail bond is recommended in that it helps you maintain resources so that you can pay for other possible fees, like freeing a vehicle from impound or enlisting a private attorney. 

For general expertise, confidentiality, security, and peace-of-mind, you cannot get better information or deal with a more professional staff.  That’s why Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is respected by Legal Firms, the family members who have posted bond, and the arrestees themselves. 

Bail Bonds near me San Diego:

They are available all the time (24/7) to answer your questions confidentially and handle your bail needs competently.  Connect to a Mr. Nice Guy licensed bail bond agent at (844) 400-BAIL or (844) 400-2245.