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Torrance Bail Bonds

What is a bail bond in Torrance?

Torrance CA is a city with three distinctive areas, an older community set in the center of the original city, a younger and thriving modern city center area (Hawthorne Blvd and area to the West) that represents the expansion of the community over what was commercial land and the industrial complexes like the Mobil Oil Refinery and several support manufacturing plants.  That is the unique composition of the area from the foot of the 405 freeway to the edges of beach communities and the Palos Verdes incline.   For some reason, all the Japanese Car Manufacturers chose the South Bay Area as a hub; Toyota, Honda, and Nissan are all in a convenient 2 mile cluster at the East side of the city (creeping into Carson and Dominguez Hills).

The Torrance Police Department is technically dead center in the town, but it is far from out of date to serve the area.  They are equipped with all the technical tools of modern law enforcement, and have a variation of neighborhood terrain and commercial interest to serve.   Where there’s a police force, there are arrests for everything from aggravated assault to vandalism, and burglary to vagrancy.   When you explain your guest status of the Torrance Police Department to a family member or friend, keep Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds in mind (844) 400-BAIL.

Why Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds in Torrance?

Internet convenience, the most competitive rates available, and live licensed bail bond agents available 24 hours, 7 days a week for free consultation and definite action.  Mr. Nice Guy knows Southern California and can materialize anywhere to get someone out of jail to return to their job, settle their score with the courts and arrest, and quickly assist in the provisions of freedom. 

How much does it cost to bail someone out of Torrance jail?

Bail is a fixed amount associated with arrest charges, a bail bond serves the bail requirement for a percentage (Mr. Nice Guy is 10%) of that amount.   It’s a great option if someone can’t stand to leave thousands it in limbo for months.  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds charges a one-time processing fee that will never be repeated or extended if the legal process extends.   Mr. Nice Guy will setup a payment plan with low interest rates by comparison to others and just like bail, when the case is settled the responsible party gets their investment back.  Immigration bonds require a higher percentage (Mr. Nice Guy is 20%) and settle when the case is considered closed (resident alien status, citizenship, visa status update or extension, or deportation).

It happens.  A final happy hour beverage sets someone just over limit for a DUI, or a spin through an unknown neighborhood leaves a vehicle and description as a subject in a break-in.  The courts will decide, sometimes early and sometimes months later, but Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds helps to get life restored to normal quickly.  Call them on their toll-free number (844) 400-BAIL (2245) and you have taken the first step in resolving your loved-one’s dilemma.

Mr. Nice Guy offers free warrant checks for anyone in the Southern California area and that can save time and possibly more grief for someone planning to post bail.  There is nothing more daunting than arriving to post bail and finding that there are warrants active for you or your registered vehicles also.

How can I bail someone out of jail in Torrance?

Anyone arrested in Los Angeles for non-violent charges like such as DUI, Public Intoxication, Shoplifting, or Vandalism may have an option to capitalize on Torrance’s work furlough or pay-to-stay programs to work-off or serve time in a more productive manner, perhaps slower, but definitely better than sacrificing normal wages and schedule for a straight jail sentence.  Torrance accepts anyone sentenced to more than eleven days of time for non-violent crimes to serve weekends or consecutive days through the program.  The Torrance Police Department does charge fees and requires court forms and individual for this type of service.

If you are seeking to contact, post bail for, or enlist an agent to post bail for an inmate then take note of these locations.  If an inmate has warrants prompting transfer from Torrance to LA, that process may take up to 12 hours from arrest.  No bail options can be processed while an inmate is in transfer.  Don’t be disheartened or become lost yourself, contact Mr. Nice Guy for locating and determining the best course of action.

Torrance Police Department
3300 Civic Center Drive
Torrance, CA 90503
310-328-3456 (general information)

100 West 1st Street
Los Angeles, CA 90012
(877) 275-5273 non-emergency information number

What is an Immigration Bond in Torrance?

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail bond agents don’t mind rolling into the South Bay, because where there’s one there’s usually several more calls to assist.    Torrance is just one of several locations that they have under constant watch and easy access.  Your access to Mr. Nice Guy and bail bond processing is the easiest, you can complete and submit all the necessary paperwork on-line in a secured server environment and be in constant contact with a licensed bail agent through the process.  Their job is to get them out and get them home to work toward complete legal resolution.  Remember that Mr. Nice Guy is popular fast and professional service with bail and immigration situations.  Contact them at any time of the day or night and a live licensed agent will answer the toll free number: (844) 400-BAIL or (844) 400-2245. 

Drifting in-and-out of city boundaries while doing the ground party cruising along the LA coast?  Mr. Nice Guy is whom you might need the most.