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Perris Bail Bonds

We offer 24 hour bail bonds services in the city of Perris, California. Please contact us for free bail information, price quotes. This article will discuss frequently asked bail bond related questions. 

How can I bail someone out of jail in Perris, California

So what might you have done in Perris to receive undesirable attention from the acting police (Riverside County Sheriffs)?  Arrested with evidence of vandalism in your possession?  Caught driving poorly and a higher than acceptable Blood Alcohol Content or smoldering paraphernalia in your vehicle (remember that cannabis is a private privilege)?  Are you facing vagrancy, suspicion of burglary or robbery, accused of assault or domestic violence, violation of a restraining order?  Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds exists with the legacy of getting you out of trouble almost as fast as you can find it.  Call 844-400-BAIL for 24 hour – 7 day a week confidential assistance in these not so happy matters.  A licensed bail bondsman will be available to answer your questions and clarify how the process works.

What is a bail bond in Perris

Even if you are held on an excessive bail amount (based on regulated bail amounts dictated by the state for charges applied to you, strikes, etc.) there is a means of securing release.   Bail bonds are usually purchased at 10% of the total amount of bail specified and you are obligated to pay an initial processing fee (with Mr. Nice Guy this occurs only once and he offers competitive purchase prices and interest rates).  Sometimes, bail bonds offer an even lower rate with the addition of collateral (property or possessions) to secure a release.  In the case of most bail bonds that address the 4-digit bail amounts (1000 to 9999), any bail service may advertise a reasonable rate for a bail bond.  However, look at processing or other fees (per month, per year) to ultimately make your determination.  Mr. Nice Guy licensed agents handle bail bonds for any mishap with a single fee, fair interest, and lower than average pricing call 844-400-2245 toll free or 949-445-3420 to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman.  You won’t be disappointed.

How can I check my warrant status in Perris?

Keep the soaring expenses of dealing with an arrest under control as there are usually many other things that will immediately demand your resources … vehicle impound fees, potential loss of income, higher car insurance or legal fees, fines or damage charges.  Remember that until you appear in court to face charges, you may not even be determined guilty.   The legal system and warrant systems are not perfect either so choose where you want to wait out the situation.

Remember that California residents over the age of 16 are required to have a license in their possession whenever they are in possession of fishing equipment (they are approximately $45 for a year).  Having no lines in the water but a cooler with freshly caught catfish, bass, or trout is subject to inspection by California Department of Fish and Game and there are hefty fines for each fish if you cannot produce a fishing license or have fish (like striped bass) that have size restrictions.  In-state and out-of-state persons may purchase special daily or limited use licenses at most stores near recreational areas.  There are also discounted licenses for seniors and individuals qualifying for special circumstances.

Fishing license fines run between $300 (you had the license but didn’t have it with you) to $1000 (you didn’t have a license).  These tickets require appearance or remittance.  Mr. Nice Guy doesn’t offer anything for this because you will not be arrested (hence no bail).  But, should you want to check the status of a prior year’s citation (if left unattended) and whether or not it has gone to warrant status call (844) 400-BAIL or access the Mr. Nice Guy website for warrant status. 

While the fish and game department regulate activity in lake and park area, it is still fully under the patrol route for the Riverside County Sheriffs who provide law enforcement support to the smaller communities in the region between the Lake and City of Perris. 

Where to post bail in Perris: 

City of Perris Police Station (RC Sheriffs)
137 N. Perris Blvd
Perris, CA 92570
(951) 210-1000

What is an Immigration Bond in Perris California

You get to see Perris in scenes from several movies, as it is close enough to Los Angeles to make for easy production and open enough for location shots and interesting activities.  Bucket List skydiving sequences were filmed in Perris.  They play host to the Annual Big Rock Triathlon competition for the southland’s competitive health and stamina enthusiasts.  Also cultivating good news for Perris is the HQ for Farmer Boys Breakfast & Burger Chain, a wholly reasonable casual dining experience that has begun to blossom in the Southwest.  Nothing like a freshly char-broiled burger (not exactly the fastest but definitely worth the wait) and healthy side options for vehicle dining or classic breakfasts.  There are plenty of employers in the area and more potential daily to assist in the economic recovery.

Who to contact for bail bonds in Perris California

Whatever situations you find yourself in remember that good times fill your phone with “selfies” and other scenery, the bad times fill your phone with calls for help.  Make the first and only call to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds to 844-400-BAIL or 949-445-3420 any time of day or night to speak to a live licensed bail bondsman regarding the process of posting a bail bond or an immigration bond.  Mr. Nice Guy answers to the tourist, resident and immigrant bail needs with equal rates for the type of bond needed and equal service commitment – the best rate, the fairest deal.

In keeping with the good side of notoriety, Perris and its recreational gem Lake Perris will be the site for the canoeing and kayaking events of the Summer Olympic Games of 2028.  Winning handily over Lake Casitas as the proximity to University of California Riverside (for athletic team housing) and of course interconnection by Metro-link to the remainder of the venues remains optimal.  That will make 2028 a third time Olympic hosting spot for “Los Angeles” and perhaps drape Southern California in the same magic spell that occurred during the 1984 Olympics … relatively light traffic everywhere throughout the 2 ½ weeks of the games.