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Simi Valley Bail Bonds

Located in the southeast corner of Ventura County, California, Simi Valley is nestled in a hidden valley surrounded by mountains and hills. Just 40 miles from downtown Los Angeles, Simi Valley is considered a part of the Greater Los Angeles Area, despite its location in a different county. The City of Simi Valley serves primarily as a commuter community for Los Angeles and the San Fernando Valley.

The City of Simi Valley

A study from the University of Vermont ranked Simi Valley as the 5th happiest city in the US, which is not surprising, considering that FBI crime statistics rank it as the 7th-safest city in the nation and its median household income is 67.5% higher than the national average.  When you combine those findings with gorgeous weather and breathtaking countryside, it’s easy to see what would make the people of Simi Valley smile.

Simi Valley is home to the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library. The former president was buried there after his death in 2004. The Presidential Library is a popular tourist attraction, drawing more than 350,000 visitors on average, each year. Other museums in Simi Valley include the Strathearn Historical Park and Museum, the Museum of Military Posters and Historic Memorabilia, and the Skateboarding Hall of Fame.

Law Enforcement for Simi Valley

Policing services for Simi Valley are provided by the Simi Valley Police Department inside the city limits and by the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office throughout the unincorporated areas of the city. 

Simi Valley Police Department

3901 Alamo Street

Simi Valley, CA  93063

(805) 583-6950

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department

3855 Alamo St #F

Simi Valley, CA  93063

(805) 582-8015

Arrested in Simi Valley

If you or someone you care about is arrested in Simi Valley, you will be taken to the East Valley booking facility in Thousand Oaks, which processes arrestees from all law enforcement departments in the county. At the East Valley booking facility, an arrestee will be fingerprinted and booked for charges. Once a person knows the charges against them, they can use the county bail schedule, available at the facility, to determine the amount of bail required to get out of jail.

If you are arrested in Simi Valley, your first call should be to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. The professional team at Mr. Nice Guy will work quickly to get you out of jail and back home as fast as possible. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-2245.

Bail in Simi Valley

Bail is a system used in the United States since prior to the Revolutionary War to allow prisoners to get out of jail pending the processing of their legal case. An arrest and incarceration can mean the loss of a job and damaged relationships. Cash bail allows an arrested individual to get out of jail and continue to support themselves and maintain their important relationships as they work through the legalities of the case against them. Bail is money deposited with the court, to ensure that the defendant will comply with all of the terms of their pretrial release, including the requirement to appear for all hearings and court proceedings.

To determine the amount of bail required to get an arrested individual out of jail, you’ll need to know the primary charges and any enhancements, or additional charges, that are being made. Bail in Simi Valley is set by the Ventura County Superior Court. The bail schedule should be available at the East Valley booking facility or you can locate it online by clicking here.

How Much is Bail?

Bail amounts in Simi Valley can range from a few thousand to tens and even hundreds of thousands of dollars, depending on the charges and additional enhancements. It is often an amount that is difficult for defendants or their families to come up with easily. This is when the services of a bail bondsman can be most useful.

Bail Bonds in Simi Valley

Bail bond companies, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, are licensed by the State of California to write surety bonds on behalf of defendants. The surety bond is deposited with the court in place of cash bail and backed by an insurance company that guarantees to pay the entire amount of the cash bail should the defendant fail to abide by the terms of their pretrial release.

It is best to get bailed out of jail before being transferred from the booking facility to one of the larger county jails listed below. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help bailing out of jail in Simi Valley. Call (844) 400-2245 to get out of jail fast!

Pre-Trial Detention

800 South Victoria Avenue

Ventura, CA  93009

(805)654-3335 – Visiting Information

(805) 654-5087 – Inmate Chaplain

After trial, inmates are transferred to either the Todd Road Jail or the East County Jail.

Todd Road Jail Facility

600 South Todd Road

Santa Paula, CA  93060

(805) 933-8501 – Visiting Information

East County Jail

2101 East Olsen Road

Thousand Oaks, CA  91360

(805) 494-8242 - Reception

If you or a loved one are being held at one of the Ventura County Jails, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away at (844)400-2245. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has professional bail bond agents throughout Ventura County to help you get out of jail fast. Call (844)400-2245 for bail bonds at the Ventura County Jail.

Who's in Jail in Ventura County?

If you suspect that a friend or loved one is behind bars in Ventura County, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help. Call (844) 400-BAIL (2245) for help in finding your friend or loved one in jail and help getting them out and home to friends and family as quickly as possible.

You can also call the jails directly and ask them about your friends or loved ones. You will need the individual’s full name and date of birth when calling. For information about who's in jail in Simi Valley, call (805) 654-3335 or click here.

Domestic Violence Bail Bonds in Simi Valley

Because so many victims of domestic violence make accusations of violence against a spouse or partner, only to take it back at a later time, most district attorneys’ offices in California have a special unit dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence. Even if the accuser recants, the prosecution will generally pursue the charges, anyway. And, if you are convicted of domestic violence, most counties impose jail time, even for first-time, misdemeanor offenders.

Violence or threats of violence against an intimate partner violate the Domestic Violence laws of California.

PC 273.5 says that it is illegal to inflict “corporal punishment” that results in an injury, no matter how slight. That means if you strike another person who is, or was, an intimate partner, and leave a mark, you have violated PC 273.5 and can be charged with domestic violence.

PC 243 (3)(1) makes it a misdemeanor crime to use force against an intimate partner. In this case, a visible injury is not necessary, just the act of force.

If you are arrested for domestic violence in Simi Valley, you will be taken to the booking facility, processed, and charged with specific crimes. These crimes will carry defined bail amounts that will tell you how much money it will take to get out of jail. This is the time to call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400-BAIL (2245)! Mr. Nice Guy employs a team of professional bail bondsmen who will work fast to get you out of jail as quickly as possible. Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for domestic violence bail bonds in Simi Valley.

DUI Bail Bonds in Simi Valley

Everyone knows that drinking and driving is a big “no-no.” It is illegal everywhere in the nation, but California has some of the toughest penalties for driving under the influence. Penalties for DUI can include:

  • Driver's License Suspension
  • Fines Up To $1,800 For A First Offense
  • Possible Jail Sentence
  • Probation Of Three To Five Years

Felony DUI Penalties

DUI charges can be filed as a felony, if:

  • You have already had three DUI offenses.
  • You have already been convicted of DUI, at least once.
  • Your actions cause an accident that injures someone else.

A felony conviction of DUI can carry more severe consequences than that of a misdemeanor DUI, including incarceration in a state penitentiary.

DUI Enhancements

In addition to a charge of Driving Under the Influence, or DUI, there may also be circumstances in which the charges will be increased or “enhanced.” These enhancements include:

  • Child Endangerment
  • Reckless Speed
  • Open Container
  • Hit And Run
  • Evading Arrest
  • Blood Alcohol Above 0.15%
  • Blood Alcohol Above 0.2%
  • DUI Refusal/Forced Blood Draw
  • Multiple Offenses

Bail Bonds for Drug Charges

Despite the passage of Proposition 64, most drugs are still illegal to carry and sell. Even selling cannabis is illegal without the special licensing and permits required by the state. Violations involving drugs can be charged as misdemeanors or felonies and carry potentially severe punishments and high bail requirements. If you are faced with drug charges in Simi Valley, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away to get working your bail bond. Call (844) 400-2245 for drug bail bonds today!

Federal Immigration Bonds in Simi Valley

If you or a loved one is in jail with uncertain immigration status, getting out of jail fast is paramount to avoiding additional charges from ICE. Once ICE is aware of an undocumented alien in the jail system, they work quickly to have them moved to a federal holding facility.

Once charged with immigration violations, an individual would need to obtain a federal immigration bond in order to go free until their case in immigration court can be completed. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is licensed to execute federal immigration bonds and can help you or a loved one get out of federal custody until their immigration trial can take place. For Federal Immigration Bonds in Simi Valley, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (844) 400- 2245.

Best Bail Bondsman in Simi Valley

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Other online services include free warrant checks and a direct link to the most Sheriff's Department databases.

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