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Central Courthouse in San Diego

The Central Courthouse, on West Broadway, was built in 1961 and replaced the original courthouse for San Diego County, built in 1870. The courthouse serves the county for criminal cases and family support and houses county Sheriff's offices.

The Central Courthouse is located at:

Central Courthouse

220 West Broadway

San Diego, CA  92101

(619) 450-5400 – Felonies and Misdemeanors

(619) 450-7034 – Fine Payments

(619) 450-5600 – Domestic Violence (Criminal)

(619) 450-5300 – Felony Arraignments

(619) 450-7378 – Criminal Supervision Department

Parking at The Central Courthouse

Paid public parking lots are available near the courthouse. Metered parking is also available along streets surrounding the courthouse. Metered parking is discouraged for jurors, as the meter must be fed every two hours.

Jury Service at the Central San Diego Courthouse

You qualify to serve as a juror in San Diego County, if you meet the following requirements:

  • You are a U.S. Citizen.
  • You are at least 18 years old.
  • You live in the State of California, San Diego County.
  • You have never been convicted of a felony, or have had your civil rights restored after a conviction.
  • You can speak and understand English well enough to understand and discuss the case.
  • You are not currently serving on a grand jury or another jury trial.
  • You are not under a conservatorship.

Jury service is a duty of citizenship and jurors are chosen from DMV and voter registration roles within the county. If you are summoned for jury service, but fail to meet the requirements, you should complete the disqualification portion of the summons and mail it to the court, or click HERE.

You may request a postponement of your service to for up to six months, if you are unable to complete your jury service when summoned. Click HERE to request a postponement of your service. You may also request to transfer your service to a different location within the county. Call (619) 450-5757, Monday through Thursday, from 10 am to 3:30 pm to speak to the Deputy Jury Commissioner about transferring your service.

The Central Courthouse is a part of the “One-Trial” jury service program. Under the “One-Trial” term of service, jurors are placed on call for five days. During this time, the prospective juror is required to call in to receive instructions on whether or not he or she must report for service the next day.

Once the juror has been instructed to report to the court, and if selected to serve on a jury, the obligation is fulfilled upon the conclusion of the deliberation, whether a verdict is reached, or not. The obligation is also fulfilled at the end of the five days, if the juror has not been asked to report for service, or if asked to report but not selected to serve on a jury.

When reporting for service, a person should be prepared to accept a jury trial. The average trial lasts 3 – 7 days.

For more information about Jury Service at the Central Courthouse in San Diego, call (619) 450-5757. Recorded information is available 24-hours a day. To speak with a clerk, call between 10:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday and 10:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m., on Friday.

Who Determines Bail at the Central Courthouse?

The bail for each county is set according to a schedule that is posted at each jail facility and available in court. The judge can set a different amount of bail, during a bail hearing, however. You may also find the Felony Bail Schedule for San Diego County HERE

How Much Is Bail at the Central Courthouse in San Diego?

To figure out how much bail will be required to get someone released from jail, you can complete the felony bail worksheet found here.

You will have to follow several steps:

  • List all of the offenses for which a defendant is being charged.
  • Find the charge with the highest bail schedule amount.
  • If the arrestee is charged with more than one offense, on different dates or against separate victims, list the amounts of the bail required fro those charges and add them to the original charge.
  • Next find if there are any enhancements that require additional bail. Enhancements include things like:
    • Gang-related offenses
    • Offenses committed with a weapon
    • Does the defendant have any prior convictions?
    • Has the arrestee been in prison during the past five years?
    • Is the victim under 15 or over 65?
  • After finding all base charges and all enhancements, add all of these amounts together to find the total amount of bail that will be required to bail someone out of jail.

What if I can't Afford Bail at the Central Courthouse in San Diego?

For many people, it can be difficult to come up with the entire amount of money that is due for bail. Not only is a great deal of money involved, but that money will be tied up with the court system for a long time. Some cases can take over a year to come to an end. After the case has ended, it can sometimes take some time to get the money back from the court system.

Most people, facing a substantial amount of bail, just don't have the cash to pay the bail outright. A person can post property as a form of bail, but the amount of value in the property has to be double the value of the bail being s ought. 

Bail Bonds at the Central Courthouse

A bail bondsman is a person who is licensed by the state, working with an agency, who can post a “bond” for you, instead of the full amount of your bail. The bail bondsman works with a Surety Company, who is a little like an insurance company. They have certain rules for issuing bonds to help people get out of jail. The person who is in jail pays a fee and the bail bondsman pays the bail.

Then, the person who has been charged with a crime can get back to their job and family, while they wait for trial. The person who had the bond posted for them is promising the bail bondsman that they will continue to show up for all of the hearings and proceedings required by their charges so that the bondsman can get the bail money back from the court.

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Drug Crimes Bail Bonds at the Central Courthouse in San Diego

Violations involving drugs can range from simple to complex, misdemeanor to felony. Even with the recent passage of Proposition 64, which made marijuana for personal use legal in California,  most drugs are still illegal to carry and sell. Even with marijuana, you can face drug charges if you are caught growing or selling it without a license. If you or someone you love is in jail for drugs, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed bail bondsmen work hard, 24-hours a day, to get people out of jail and back to their homes and families.

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PC 1275 Hearings

If a1275 Hold has been placed on someone's bail, a hearing will be held to determine whether or not the money that will be used to pay the bail is, in fact, from illegal sources. In order to prove that the money is “clean,” a person will need to bring bank and credit card statements, bill payment statements, car payment information, tax returns, and proof of income to their PC 1275 Hearing.

It is advisable to have an attorney and a bail bondsman with you, when you appear for your 1275 Hearing. You can also bring anyone with you who can testify as to the source of your income and help give clarity to your financial situation.

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Removing a PC 1275 Hold

Once the judge has determined that the money being used to post your bail or bond has not been obtained through illegal sources, he or she will lift the 1275 Hold and you or your loved one will be able to post bail.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help in clearing up matters regarding a 1275 hold. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed bail bondsmen are standing by, to help you post bail and get back to your home and family, as soon as possible.

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Domestic Violence Bail Bonds at the Central Courthouse in San Diego

Because so many victims of domestic violence make accusations of violence against a spouse or partner, only to take it back at a later time, most district attorneys offices in California have a special unit dedicated to prosecuting domestic violence. Even if the accuser recants, the prosecution will generally pursue the charges, anyway. And, if you are convicted of domestic violence, most counties impose jail time, even for first-time, misdemeanor offenders.

After you are charged with domestic violence and booked into jail, the jail will have a list of bail amounts based on the crime for which you are charged. The authorities at the detention facility should be able to tell you how much the bail is for the specific domestic violence charges that you are facing. If you have the cash to pay your bail, or have property to secure it, you can be on your way.

However, it is a common practice for law enforcement to charge you with the most serious crimes you could possibly be guilty of, knowing that it is likely they will be pleaded down to lesser charges during the court proceedings. This can result in a bail amount that is much higher, possibly more than you can easily pay. In this case, you will want to reach out to a bail bond company like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond. Mr. Nice Guy will post your bail for a fraction of the cost of bail. The cost of bail bonds is typically 10% of the total cost of bail. Call now, or start the bail bond process online. 

Who Has The Best Rates on Bail Bonds at the Central Courthouse?

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