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Long Beach Bail Bonds

Long Beach is the 36th largest city in the United States and wholly resident in Los Angeles county.  It has its own Airport, a huge commercial shipping area, a beach, a pier, and neighborhoods that are as old as the roots of LA and new ones that have emerged from every unclaimed space.  It’s got old concert arenas, great recreation sites, a college campus, and the old and the new.  It hosts several major sporting events, most notably the Long Beach Grand Prix (Formula 500), a city marathon, the Congressional Cup sailing event, and one of the most popular Gay and Lesbian Pride celebrations in the U.S.

What is a bail bond in Long Beach?

Long Beach is great for tourism, fun and occasional folly, and like any large city it has areas that tempt the worst behavior out of people who might not otherwise find trouble.  Whether visiting for an event or a local resident, Mr. Nice Guy operates in southern Los Angeles County for addressing the special needs of the people who get stranded in the Long Beach Police Department Jail.  You can use the licensed bail agents at Mr. Nice Guy to help reclaim your most important people of interest.  1-844-400-BAIL (2245) is the toll free number that can solve the problem at hand and help prepare for getting past the problems ahead.  They are in service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

This website provides all the tools for processing bail or applications for bail bonds quickly and at the most reasonable rates available in the area.

Mr. Nice Guy is there to serve your needs in the worst of times where you can’t simply reach out to a neighbor or the rest of your support circle for help.  The agents know that there are many reasons for your need, and will maintain your confidential information and story.  Most people face the challenge of a family member in trouble stoically and bail or a bail bond becomes a necessity if the incarcerated person is the breadwinner or a contributor to family balance.  Freedom allows the person to operate, schedule work, and proceed in their next course of action.  The bail process is an essential step to prevent termination from a job or to maintain positive relations with an employer or for obtaining the time to seek an attorney or assistance for positive intervention.  Life happens and, in all fairness, freedom of a significant family member or associate can ultimately help all parties.

Experienced In Privacy

Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail agents have solved arrest problems of all types throughout Southern California and done so with the utmost respect for your privacy and everyone’s interests.  Bail in California is set on a schedule according to charges at the time of arrest.  A person incarcerated may be released to get home, get back to work, and freely deal with upcoming legal processes that are necessary after an arrest is made.   

How much is bail in Long Beach?

You can use the Locations tab link to the Los Angeles Bail Schedule to look these up, but don’t be dismayed by the figures that you see.  The bail bond process requires 10% of the bail premium (and in some cases less) and a one-time premium charge that will free your person of interest.  A bail bond allows you to start the freedom process within your budget and Mr. Nice Guy will never add an additional premium to the bond.  You can make payments over the duration, or you can pay it all when the resources are available.

Mr. Nice Guy’s agents are experienced in handling cases of all types and are available for free confidential consultation.   Call them toll-free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245.  They can also assist with complications to normal arrests, like outstanding warrants, and can assist in looking up warrants and advise on how to clear them.

How to post a bail bond in Long Beach?

Mr. Nice Guy’s website offers speedy assistance tabs understanding the bail process and for accessing the appropriate bail bond forms (see the Navigation bar above).  These forms accept electronic signature and can be complete and processed by agents in the office for quick processing. 

Usually, Mr. Nice Guy can process the appropriate bail bond and have it delivered to the Long Beach Police Department jail within an hour of booking.   It may take one to two hours to complete the release.   The agent will let you know when to expect a release from Long Beach.

Long Beach Police Department Jail
400 West Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90802
(562) 570-7260

Remember that there can be over 100 inmates at any given time, and some conditions will take longer.

General rules for posting the bail amount in person are as follows:

  • Cash in US Dollars
  • Personal Check on a Local Bank with proper ID*
  • Money Order
  • Cashier’s Check
  • Travelers Checks
  • Cashier’s Check (with bank representative contact information)

Posting bail or processing a bail bonds through Mr. Nice Guy extends your options to include Credit Cards, Debit Cards, or bit-coin.  A Mr. Nice Guy agent can assist you through the form completion process for either option and answer your questions about Mr. Nice Guy’s fees, the bond amount, payments, collateral, and anything else associated with the situation in strictest confidence.

Someone Still Stranded in Long Beach Jail?

Mr. Nice Guy’s agents aren’t judges, nor are they active in the legal matters that await anyone who has been arrested (an arraignment, a possible hearing and then a trial).  They will help in explaining the system and navigating in the most economically sound way for your immediate release needs.   They are the first stop on what can be a brief journey or a long one, and will offer the best terms and rates available for the first step in the solution – get them out and get things straightened.  Call any time of the day or night, because Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed bail agents are always available - 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245.

Choose the best option for bail or bail bonds in California … Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds.