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Long Beach Bail Bonds

This article will discuss 24 hour local bail bonds services in the city of Long Beach, California. For fast, friendly bail bond options please contact us. We offer easy, affordable bail bond options in the City of Long Beach and the surrounding areas of Los Angeles County as well as the entire state of California. 

24 Hour Bail Bonds Services In Long Beach

Long Beach has a lot to offer residents and visitors alike. There is plenty to do to keep families or young singles interested and engaged. It's also an easy place to get yourself into trouble. As you would find anywhere, the crime rate in Long Beach fluctuates, sometimes making it more or less likely for you to find yourself in a jam.

If you do find that you're having to interact with the police or law enforcement in Long Beach, remember to stay calm. Keeping a cool head can help keep a bad situation from getting worse. Remember to speak calmly, cooperate with officers as much as possible, and help everyone get home safely at the end of the day.

How do Bail Bonds Work in Long Beach, California

The video below is a quick overview of how bail bonds work at the Long Beach City jail in Long Beach, California. Please contact us with any questions, our bail agents are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Law Enforcement In Long Beach

Law enforcement in Long Beach, CA is provided by the Long Beach Police Department, the second largest municipal police agency in Los Angeles County. Not only does the Long Beach Police Department provide policing services to the City of Long Beach, but to the Port of Long Beach, the Airport area, Long Beach City College, and the Long Beach Transit system. This huge area of responsibility requires a total staff of over 1,200 people to oversee the law enforcement in one of California's largest cities.

The Long Beach Police Department oversees such a large area that more than one location is needed to properly serve the people of Long Beach. The main administrative building is located on W. Broadway, while patrol stations are spread throughout the city.

Long Beach Police Department Locations

Public Safety Building
400 W. Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90802
(562) 435-6711 – Police Dispatch
(562) 570-7260 – Business Desk Inquiries 

North Patrol Division
4891 Atlantic Avenue
Long Beach, CA  90807
(562) 570-9800 – Business Inquiries
(562) 435-6711 - Dispatch 

South Patrol Division
400 W. Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90802
(562) 570-7555 – Business Desk Inquiries
(562) 435-6711- Dispatch

East Patrol Division
3800 E. Willow Street
Long Beach, CA  90815
(562) 570-5880 – Business Desk Inquiries
(562) 435-6711 – Dispatch 

West Patrol Division
1835 Santa Fe Avenue
Long Beach, CA  90810
(562) 570-3400 – Business Desk Inquiries
(562) 435-6711 – Dispatch 

For traffic inquiries with the Long Beach Police Department, please call (562) 570-7209 from 8 am to 5 pm.

Where Is The Jail In Long Beach?

The Long Beach City Jail is one of the largest city jails in the State of California. The city utilizes both a women's and a men's jail facility. The women's jail can house up to 70 inmates, while the men's jail can house up to 132 inmates.

The Long Beach City Jail is not designed for long-term incarceration. The facilities function as a booking and temporary holding facility for people arrested in Long Beach, CA. The jail is a classified as a Type 1 facility, which means that it can only be used for the detention of non-sentenced inmates for up to 96 hours. After the 96 hours, and perhaps even before the 96 hours is up, the inmate must be transferred to one of the larger county jails in Los Angeles County.

If you or someone you love has been arrested in Long Beach, you should get out of jail as fast as possible, before being transferred to one of the larger, county jails. The bail process can be handled in much less time at the city jail, and the larger facilities are much more dangerous and difficult to bail out of.

For assistance in getting out of the Long Beach City Jail, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away. The licensed, professional bail bondsmen that work with Mr. Nice Guy are experienced in negotiating the bail bond process and can get you out of jail fast! Located just minutes from the Long Beach City Jail, on East Anaheim, Mr. Nice Guy can have a bail bond agent by your side in no time! Call (562) 294-3383!

Long Beach City Jail
400 W. Broadway
Long Beach, CA  90802
(562) 570-7260 – Inmate Information

Who's In Jail In Long Beach?

If you are worried that someone you care about is in jail in Long Beach, CA, you can find out by using the inmate locator. You will need the inmate's first and last name and date of birth. You can also call (213) 473-6100 for assistance in locating an inmate in the Los Angeles County Area.

One call to Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds will get you help in locating someone being held anywhere in the State of California. One of Mr. Nice Guys licensed agents will be happy to help you in locating someone who is being held in jail and help you get them out of jail as quickly as possible. For help finding out who's in jail in Long Beach, give Mr. Nice Guy a call at (562) 294-3383!

Get Bailed Out Of Jail in Long Beach

The Long Beach City Jail is not designed for long-term incarceration. Individuals who are arrested in Long Beach and “booked” at the city jail will need to bail out of jail quickly or face transferring to one of the larger county facilities in Los Angeles County. These larger jails are more crowded and take much longer to get someone out on bail.

The fastest way to get out of jail is to post bail. If you don't have the fund for the full amount of bail, you'll need the assistance of a bail bond agency like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. Mr. Nice Guy works with a surety company that places a “bond” with the court that guarantees that you'll be there for all of your hearings and court-related appearances, or Mr. Nice Guy will pay the full amount of bail to the court. There is a non-refundable fee, payable to the bail bond agency, usually about 10% of the total cost of bail.

What Is A Bail Bond in Long Beach

Bail is a time-honored tradition in the U.S. and in England, dating back hundreds of years. When a person is arrested and doesn't want to stay in jail to await trial, bail becomes a way for that person to get out of jail while they wait for their court case to make its way through the system.

Bail is money that is paid to the court, and held by them, to be refunded to whoever paid it, once the legal case has reached its conclusion. The amount of bail required, depends on many factors, especially having to do with the type of charges being made against someone. In Los Angeles County, bail can range from $10,000 to more than a million dollars for felony charges. You can find the Los Angeles County Bail Schedule here.

How Much Is Bail In Long Beach

Once you've been charged with a crime, the bail schedule for each crime should be posted at the jail where you are processed. Many times a person is charged with more than one crime. Each charge will incur its own bail amount. In order to get out of jail, you will have to pay the entire amount of the combined bail, for all of the crimes with which you have been charged. The amount varies, depending on the seriousness of the charges.

Calculating Bail in Los Angeles County

To figure out how much bail will be required to get someone released from jail, you can contact the jail, court or our local Long Beach Bail Bonds company for prices and charges.

You will have to follow several steps for calculating bail in Los Angeles County:

  • List all of the offenses for which a defendant is being charged.
  • Find the charge with the highest bail schedule amount.
  • If the arrestee is charged with more than one offense, on separate dates or against separate victims, list the amounts of the bail required for those charges and add them to the original charge.
  • Next, find if there are any enhancements that require additional bail. Enhancements include things like:
    • Gang-related offenses
    • Offenses committed with a weapon
    • Does the defendant have any prior convictions?
    • Has the arrestee been in prison during the past five years?
    • Is the victim under 15 or over 65?
  • After finding all base charges and all enhancements, add all of these amounts together to find the total amount of bail that will be required to bail someone out of jail.

What If I Can't Afford Bail in Long Beach

Bail can be expensive, especially if there are several charges or enhancements involved. It is common for people to not be able to afford the cash price of bail. Sometimes friends or family members are willing to help pay the bail to get you out of jail. Property can sometimes be used as collateral to get you out of jail, as well. It is not necessary that the property being used be in the name of the person who is being bailed out. However, it is usually necessary that the value of the property, less any liens or loans against the property, be twice the amount of the cash bail being required.

If you can't afford bail, and you don't have property or someone else to put the bail up for you, a bail bondsman may be the answer. A bail bond company, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds in Long Beach, can help you get out of jail for much less than the total cost of bail, sometimes for as little as 7% of the total cost of bail. 

What Are Bail Bonds?

A bail bond is a guarantee from a surety company, filed with the court system, that guarantees a defendant's compliance with all court-ordered appearances, up to and including the trial. The surety company is guaranteeing the court that should the defendant fail to appear for all hearings and/or trial, they will pay the entire amount of the bail due to the court. The bail bond agency then has a vested interest in ensuring the compliance of their “bond” with all court-ordered appearances. In return for the assurances to the court and the ability to go free without paying the full bond, the bail bond agency is paid a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the total cost of the bail required by the bail schedule.

A person who is released from bail on bond has an obligation to show up for all court-ordered appearances and for their trial. If they fail to do so, the bail bond company may revoke the bond and return the defendant to the court system for incarceration. It is important, when making use of a bail bond provider, to carefully comply with all agreements and court appearances to avoid having to return to jail.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds work with a surety company to help people who cannot afford the full amount of bail to get bail bonds and get out of jail faster. Mr. Nice Guy understands that sometimes bad things happen to good people and that a person can't afford to sit in jail until a trial can be held. Bail bonds help you get out of jail and back to your friends, family, and job until your legal troubles can be resolved.

For help in getting bail bonds in Long Beach, CA, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds right away! 

Who Can Bail Me Out of Jail?

Anyone can pay your bail. Friends and family members are often willing to help post bail so that you can return to your regular life, holding down a job, paying bills and supporting your family, while you wait for your legal problems to be resolved.

Sometimes, however, the police or prosecutors will decide that your friends or family members may be using illegally gotten money to help pay your bail. In these cases, the authorities may place what is called a PC 1275 Hold on Bail which would prevent you or anyone else from bailing you out of jail. Sometimes a bail bond company can help avoid any of these questions. By using a bail bond agency like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, you can sometimes avoid even having these questions raised.

If you have questions about bail or a PC 1275 Hold on Bail call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds they can help walk you through the process and help you get out of jail fast!

Penal Code 1275 Holds on Bail

Penal Code Section 1275.1 states that if there is probable cause to suspect that the money or property being used to post bail may come from criminal activity, bail will not be accepted. This is called a 1275 Hold.

Any person who plays a part in the arresting or prosecution process can place the PC 1275 Hold on the bail. This means that they believe the money being used to bail a person out of jail comes from illegal activity. The money may be believed to come from drug dealing, gang-related activities, embezzlement, theft, or extortion. Any of these activities would make the money that came from them ineligible for paying bail.

Bail is offered as a way to ensure that an individual shows up for all of the court proceedings surrounding his or her charges. The court assumes that illegal funds being used to pay for bail means that they won't care enough about the money to continue to appear for court proceedings, should the court allow them to be free on bail.

PC 1275 Hearings

If a1275 Hold has been placed on someone's bail, a hearing will be held to determine whether or not the money that will be used to pay the bail is, in fact, from illegal sources. In order to prove that the money is “clean,” a person will need to bring bank and credit card statements, bill payment statements, car payment information, tax returns, and proof of income to their PC 1275 Hearing.

It is advisable to have an attorney and a bail bondsman with you when you appear for your 1275 Hearing. You can also bring anyone with you who can testify as to the source of your income and help give clarity to your financial situation.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds today for help with your PC 1275 Hearing. 

Removing a PC 1275 Hold

Once the judge has determined that the money being used to post your bail or bond has not been obtained through illegal sources, he or she will lift the 1275 Hold and you or your loved one will be able to post bail.

Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds for help in clearing up matters regarding a 1275 hold. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed bail bondsmen are standing by, to help you post bail and get back to your home and family, as soon as possible.

Long Beach Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds in Long Beach, located at 1360 E Anaheim St. and has been providing bail bonds in Southern California for years. In addition to the Long Beach location, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has offices located all across Southern California. They can be by your side to help you, or someone close to you, get out of jail wherever they might be incarcerated.

In fact, if you need out of state bail bonds, Mr. Nice Guy is just the person you need to have in your corner. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is licensed to process bonds and help get people out of jail all through the U.S.

Bail Bond Financing Available

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds understands that legal trouble often means financial trouble for families. If a person has to remain incarcerated until their court date, that means that they can't work to support their family, pay bills, or maintain family relationships. Mr. Nice Guy and his team of licensed, professional bail bond agents will work with you to find a solution to help you get out of jail.

If you have a job, you can't afford to be in jail! You don't need good credit, your job is your credit! With as little as 1% down, and sometimes even 0 down in some cases, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help you set up a payment plan for bail bonds that can get you back home and working to support your family right away!