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Garden Grove Bail Bonds

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds Offers Tips for the Slips in Garden Grove

Garden Grove is a city in Orange County with unique character and a whole bunch of activities that bring a lot of people together, mostly for fun and good times.  It’s home to one of the oldest and shortest freeways in the world and if it weren’t for the 14 ¾ mile-long (22) on the map, you might miss the place.  It’s hosted the annual Garden Grove Strawberry Festival since 1958, and the event makes the city nearly double in size for Memorial Day weekend.  The Strawberry Festival consists of a parade, a pageant, celebrity guests, a carnival, concerts, and of course strawberries in every possible edible form.

Face it, the city resonates an “old fashioned” feel.  They reconstructed their past in the form of their Historic Main Street that hosts a Car Show every Friday, a farmer’s market, concerts, and an annual Elvis festival (since 1999).  All of these sponsored activities showcase the fun nature of the city, stretch into the agricultural roots of the area, and help maintain a flow of visitors and income stream all year round. 

Does Garden Grove have a Jail?

About 175,000 people live in Garden Grove and it is one of the more diverse cities in Orange County in all forms of the word.  24.3% of city budget is for the Police Department, which is second only to Garden Grove City Public Works.  The Police Department employs 129 sworn police officers that are divided into patrols in the East and West portions of the city.  Garden Grove’s jail and detention services are provided through a contract with GEO Group.  GEO uses a sworn staff of corrections personnel to operate the 16-occupant jail facility.  This contract arrangement permits GGPD officers to return to the field faster and has resulted in a decrease to the overall response time for police services citywide.

If you or someone in your family has contacted Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, it probably means that someone has slipped and fallen into some bad stuff.  Whether on-line or by phone, or both, Mr. Nice Guy has licensed agents who can help stand-you up and get you out of the Garden Grove jail.  Call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 to consult options for getting someone freed; they can be free to get back to work or back home and usually fairly quickly.  And remember that it is free to ask advice on what to do.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail agents have their own record of sorts.  They answer the phones 24/7 to calls about providing bail and bail bond services for all these types of slips:

  • Misdemeanors, like larceny or trespassing arrests
  • Felonies Garden Grove Bail Bonds
  • Traffic warrants arrests for Garden Grove
  • Drug Offenses Bail
  • Domestic Violence Arrest Bail Bond
  • DUI/DWI related arrests and bails

Only one thing can get an arrested person out of the hands of the Garden Grove Police Department before a Mr. Nice Guy bail arrangement and that’s an Orange County warrant.  The presence of a warrant is a guaranteed ride to the Orange County Sheriff Department’s Main Jail in Santa Ana.

How do I check a Garden Grove Warrant?

Check the link Free Orange County Warrant Checks for yourself or someone you know.   Please feel free to call toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 to discuss what to do with an existing warrant.

Where is the Garden Grove Police Jail?

Not Sure Where You Are? The Garden Grove Police Department and their 16-bed detention facility are located near the community center park.  Directions to navigate to the Garden Grove Jail are: Acacia Parkways runs parallel to Garden Grove Boulevard between Euclid and 9th Street.  From the Garden Grove Freeway (22) take exit 11.   From the westbound exit 11, turn left on Trask and then right on Euclid, from the eastbound exit 11 make a left on Euclid.  Turn right on Acacia Parkway, one block past Garden Grove Boulevard.  The police department will be on the left side of the civic center plaza. 

Garden Grove Police Department
11301 Acacia Parkway
Garden Grove, CA 92840
(714) 741-5740

Where are the arrested persons taken from Garden Grove?

The other place can house up to 1,350 people and it bears a resemblance to a three-day-long outdoor concert with no music:

Orange County Sheriff’s Department Central Jail Complex

550 N. Flower Street
Santa Ana, 92703
(714) 647-4666 inmate records for bail amounts

Lobby is open 24 hours, 7 days a week

How much to post bail bond in Garden Grove?

The amount of bail is determined by the charges and number of similar offenses that the individual has had.  These amounts are determined by the state of California.

Mr. Nice Guy provides bail bond application that can be initiated on-line (see our forms page) and can be processed without you having to go anywhere.  Bail bonds permit you to pay only a percentage of the bail, freeing up resources for other expenses like car impound fees or fines that may be imposed at the legal hearing on the charges.  For example, the Garden Grove Police Department will assess a booking fee of $250* upon arrests where a court conviction is determined and charges of $105 are added for blood tests run on DUI arrestees who are convicted.

No one needs to find the cash or take a drive until the process is done.  You maintain your resources for when you need them by choosing the Bail Bond option of payment.  It is pretty fast, extremely confidential, and the safest way to proceed.  Contact the office any time day or night toll-free at: 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 to be connected to a licensed agent who can answer any questions about the applications or the bail and charges.

Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds near me?

Bail bond agents are always close by the Garden Grove jail and larger county jails in the city of Santa Ana. Just a quick, simple phone call away with branch office locations throughout the great state of California.

Thinking of Garden Grove

When Garden Grove comes to mind, let it remind you of Strawberries, like Strawberry Fields, by the Beatles.  You can think about Elvis Presley impersonators and several renditions of Blue Suede Shoes and Love Me Tender and bizarre foods composed of peanut butter.

Don’t let your familiarity with Garden Grove be based on the same titled song by Sublime and Elvis’ Jailhouse Rock.  But if you do slip there, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds Inc. will be around to help you up.

* Booking fees have been determined by published Garden Grove City Fees and Schedules