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Lemon Heights Bail Bonds

24 Hour Bail Bonds Services in Lemon Heights

Lemon Heights is not an official city yet, but this is the name given to an unincorporated area of north Tustin in the zip code of 92694.  Tustin California is the site for may a Halloween event in Orange County, from the pumpkin patch for kids to the outer world experience of some pretty graphic scare tactics.  Tustin’s antics spread into the psychos … I mean psyches of everyone in the area and a little seasonal “not to be outdone” attitude prevails. 

What scares you most? A fictitious night of walking, grunting, howling zombies or the potential to spend a long time in Orange County’s PREMIERE Type II Jail facility in Santa Ana with 1349 costumed friends … remember, those aren’t costumes.

Find yourself or someone else you know and care about in trouble in Tustin’s holding facility that seats 5 or OCSD Main Jail in Santa Ana, call for Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond agents and feed your head with information about the bail process and bail bond options.  Anyone can reach a Mr. Nice Guy agent toll free at 1-844-400-BAIL or 1-844-400-2245 from any type of phone.  They can also accept immediate calls, text or email messages at 1-949-445-3420, but there may be charges applied by your carrier.  All of their discussions are completely confidential and the Mr. Nice Guy agents commit to serving the needs of you, your loved-one, your S.O., or your Zombie in trouble.

Remember that bail in Orange County or anywhere in the state is based on the charges for the arrest.  There is no charge for wearing make-up or masks (unless you’ve been arrested for robbery), but you will be relieved of them for your close-up when you are processed through intake at OCSD.  Look at bail as if it were a hotel’s room rate: staying in a closet, a single, double, mini-suite, presidential suite, whole floor; the room selection won’t be as good or as private, but the bail amounts for arrests (and number of times you’ve been arrested for the same charge) will definitely impact the amount assigned.  The bail amounts for different charges are assigned by the state, with history considered, and are made available after booking.

Check out this link to make sure your ID doesn’t give you away: Free Orange County Warrant Checks.   Don’t lose your brains if you see something that looks like yours.  Call 1-844-400-BAIL (2245) or the alternate number 1-949-445-3420 to get a Mr. Nice Guy agent and a private consultation about handling warrants or warrants from elsewhere.

Whether you are in Lemon Heights, Tustin, or answering the question “Can Zombies swim?” at one of OC’s beaches or manmade waterways, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bond agents will help you out of a pile of crypts and maybe even die trying.