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It’s perfectly normal to feel scared and confused when you learn that a friend or loved one is in jail. You are bound to feel even more terrified if you are the one behind bars. Fortunately, your predicament doesn’t have to last until the courts determine your case. You can regain your freedom quickly by contacting Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We know your fears and frustrations too well and can ensure you return home as soon as possible to begin building your defense. The closer you can work with your legal team, the greater your chances of having your charges dropped or reduced.

Unfortunately, the bail money can be expensive and out of your reach. The sum is more so if you are charged with a serious offense or have a criminal history. The good news is that our team can work with you and help you find the best solutions to have you freed from jail. We offer a range of payment options, not to mention that we can help you find a payment plan that suits your budget.

Types of Bail Bonds

Once you are arraigned in court for allegedly committing a crime, a judge could ask for bail money to release you. This is a financial guarantee that you will show up for all court hearings and answer your charges.

Even though paying bail is not always a guarantee that a defendant will not dodge hearings, it gives the accused a vested interest in ensuring prompt attendance. If you miss a court date, the judge will seize the bail money and issue a warrant for your arrest.

The most common types of bail bonds include cash bonds, property bonds, own recognizance, and professional bail bonds from a bonding company. There are also three more types of bonds that we will discuss below:

Own Recognizance

Sometimes a judge may decide to release a defendant at no cost. You will, however, need to sign a form promising to show up for your court hearings as required. Usually, defendants accused of grave crimes don’t qualify for this type of bond. However, a judge may release you on your own recognizance if you are charged with a minor misdemeanor.

There are various aspects a judge must consider before choosing to release you on your own recognizance. These factors include:

  • Your criminal history
  • Your ties to the community
  • Whether you have the support of relatives within the area
  • Your employment status

Even if you are employed, have a clean criminal past, and even have strong ties within the community, this is not always a guarantee that the judge will not set a bail amount. However, you can increase your chances of being released on your own recognizance if you ask your employer or even your religious leader to plead with the judge on your behalf or speak positively about you during an arraignment.

Whether you have to pay bail to secure your release from jail or you are released on your own recognizance, the terms of your release remain the same. This means you have to make regular check-ins with your probation officer, abstain from alcohol or drug use, and attend all court hearings without fail.

Cash Bond

If the bail amount is set low, you always have the option of paying your bond in cash. If you attend all court dates, all or most of the money will be refunded once your case is determined. This is irrespective of whether you are found guilty or innocent of a crime. Some of the funds that may be deducted from your cash bail before a refund include:

  • Court fees and costs
  • Back taxes
  • Child support arrears

Property Bond

Another common bond option is property bonds. This is bail posted using a property deed such as a real estate or car title deed. Note that the property bond you place should be of equivalent or higher value than the set bail money.

Before you can use a property deed in Placer County, you may have to produce a warranty deed as well as a current tax statement that shows a property’s actual market value. You must ensure that all your taxes are current, including all mortgage or loan payments allied with a specific property.

Moreover, you need to prove that the property you use is yours. If you co-own it with someone else, you must provide a signed agreement showing that all parties involved understand that the property will be used to finance a bail bond. Again, you must note that if an accused fails to attend court hearings, the courts will seize the property and have it foreclosed. This is irrespective of whether a defendant is its sole owner or there are other parties involved.

Citation Release Bail Bonds

Sometimes, a defendant may be given a citation and released without being taken into police custody. Typically, citation release bail bonds are used when an accused is charged with a traffic offense. Whether you can enjoy citation release or you have to go into custody will be at the discretion of the officer processing your arrest.

Federal Bail Bonds

If you are accused of committing a federal offense, the courts will ask you for a federal bail bond. Such bonds are often difficult to obtain because of their expensive nature. Moreover, the stakes are often higher for persons accused of federal offenses, making it riskier even for bail bonds agents to provide the required financing.

Immigration Bail Bonds

Like federal bail bonds, immigration bail bonds are also challenging to obtain. This is because they exist only for persons who are not legal citizens of the United States. There are strict requirements one must meet, and securing a defendant’s release is often more complicated.

Professional Bail Bonds

If you cannot raise a cash or property bond, you can always count on a bond dealer to secure your release from jail. At Mr. Nice Guy, we are an experienced, reliable, and credible bonding company that can ensure your release from prison is fast and convenient.

If you opt for a professional bail bond, you need first to settle a non-refundable service fee. In Placer County, bonding companies charge about 10% of the bond amount. The terms and conditions of a bond will depend on the charges you are facing, the set bail amount, and your flight risk.

If you require a professional bail bond in Placer County, we are happy to be of help. This is irrespective of whether you need a regular bond or immigration or federal bail bond. We are available 24/7/365 to ensure that you can reach us during any time of day or night. Contact us now, and let us begin processing you or your loved one out of jail.

How Do Bail Bonds Work in Placer County?

Once you are arrested and charged, you immediately become a defendant in a legal process. You will be scheduled for an arraignment hearing where you can plead guilty or not guilty. During this hearing, the judge will also decide whether you can be released on bail. If this is possible, you will be notified of the set bail amount.

If you are not eligible for bail, you have to remain in jail until the trial date. Likewise, you may be detained until trial if you cannot raise the bail amount. The courts ask for bail money to ensure you can secure your freedom from jail until you go for trial. Remember that even as a defendant, you have a right to be perceived innocent until proven guilty.

Each county in California has a different set of rules and schedules determining the bail amounts for various offenses. We can help you establish the bail required based on the bail schedule in Placer County. We will also lend a hand with an inmate search if you are not sure where your loved one is being held. Simply reach out to one of our agents and feel free to ask all the hard questions.

Can I Obtain A Bail Bond For A Loved One In Placer County?

Before you can secure bail for a loved one in Placer County, you must know some basic details. This information includes:

  • The charges a loved one is facing
  • Your loved one’s date of birth
  • Their booking number
  • Where they are being held

We can help you figure out some of this information by doing an inmate search. Additionally, you may have to step in as a bail bond co-signer, primarily if your loved one cannot provide property as security.

With your help, a friend or relative can quickly secure their freedom from jail as soon as possible. Typically, any bail bonds company will require some sort of guarantee that a defendant will not skip town or miss court dates upon release. Even though placing valuable property as security is more preferred, a GPS tracker or co-signer can also suffice.

Co-Signer Defined

Once you are a defendant in the judicial system, you may have to pay bail money to allow the courts to release you before your trial. The courts have a right to seize the deposited bail if you fail to show up on the set court dates. While there are various ways to post bail, including cash or placing property as security, it is often better to use the services of a bail bondsman.

At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we can settle the set bail, irrespective of the bail amount or the charges you face. However, we also need assurance that the courts will refund our money once you attend all hearings without fail. Apart from the small premium fee, we will also require collateral if you want to secure a large amount of cash. Collateral or security is any valuable item that allows us to regain our money if you don’t honor your responsibilities and the courts seize your bail.

Whether you should provide collateral or not will highly depend on the amount of bail you require as well as the charges you face. However, all is not lost if providing collateral is a challenge. We also offer the option of providing a GPS tracker or demanding a credible co-signer. Our terms and conditions highly depend on the option you deem most suitable.

A bail bonds co-signer is someone who can vouch for you and promise that you will attend your court dates to protect the bail bond money. Theoretically, this should be someone with whom you have a strong relationship or at least someone who knows you well. It could be your spouse, relative, long-term buddy, or your co-worker, among other people.

If you want to secure the freedom of your friend or loved one from jail and want to be their co-signer, give us a call today. We will be happy to evaluate your suitability as a co-signer, and we will also answer any questions you may have.

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Co-Signing A Bail Bond

Co-signing a bail bond to have a friend or loved one released from jail doesn’t come without a unique set of pros and cons. This is irrespective of the type of relationship you share with a defendant.

Let’s have a look at the pros and cons of being a bail bond co-signer:


  • If you have volunteered to get your loved one out of jail, it is evident that you love them and want them to stay out of trouble. When co-signing a bail bond, you have a right to set specific rules that a defendant must adhere to in order to maintain their freedom before trial. The rules could include anything, from submitting to random drug tests to ensuring that the accused moves into your home. Essentially, this will ensure you can keep a close eye on them and help them stay out of trouble.
  • Co-signing a bail bond makes you responsible for ensuring a defendant shows up for court dates. As such, you will have the power to ensure that an accused enjoys the best outcome during the trial. Any glitches such as skipping town often hinder the court process from running smoothly, which could have adverse effects on the case of a loved one.
  • The agreement between a bail bonds company and a co-signer is legally binding. However, the pact also gives you the freedom to withdraw the bail, especially if a defendant is bent on defying your rules and continues to engage in illegal acts.


  • As aforementioned, the pact between you and a bail bondsman is legally binding. Once you sign the dotted line, you become financially responsible for settling the premium fee and other consequential fees. Moreover, you are legally obligated to pay the full bail amount if a defendant skips town.
  • The bail bondsman will not return any collateral you provide if the courts seize the bail money.

There is always some emotional stress that comes with co-signing a bail bond because, technically, you can only be responsible for your actions. However, the perks of ensuring your loved one is freed from jail far outweigh the cons.

We have a team of licensed and skilled agents who can work closely with you, irrespective of your situation. Our years of experience in the field allow us to provide sober guidance to our clients seeking bail directly or seeking to co-sign a bail bond for someone they love.

If you are not sure whether co-signing is a good idea, just talk to one of our agents about this. They will answer any questions you have and paint a realistic picture of what to expect once you co-sign. Our services are available 24/7/365, and we take pride in providing bail bonds using a fast, easy, and stress-free process.

Placer County Court and Jail Information

Placer County Superior Court

10820 Justice Center Drive, Roseville, CA 95678

Tel no: (916) 408-6000 

Auburn Jail, North Placer County

(Placer County Superior Jail Court)

2775 Richardson Drive, Auburn, CA 95603

Tel no: (530) 745-8500

The South Placer County Jail

11801 Broke Road, Roseville, CA 95678

Tel no: (916) 409-8100

You can post bail for processing at any time of day or night and have your loved one released. However, if you post bail past 7 PM, you must contact the jail before your arrival. For more information about the jails in Placer County, please visit their website.

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