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It can be extremely upsetting to find yourself in jail or learn that your loved one has been arrested. You will do everything to ensure that your loved one is released from jail. The court can release a defendant from jail if you post bail. If you do not have enough cash to post the bail, you can enlist the services of a bail bonds company that posts bail on your behalf. Most bail bonds agents charge a 10% non-refundable fee.

If you or your loved one needs to post bail, you should enlist the services of a bail bonds agent. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we have posted bail for arrested clients for over 20 years. We have created a great rapport with the judges, prosecutors, and police officers. We expedite your bail bond posting process to ensure you are free so that you can have a chance to prepare for your defense. If you need bail bond services in Santa Ynez, do not hesitate to contact us today.

Understanding More About Bail Bonds In Santa Ynez

In California, you must post bail for the court to release you from jail. The purpose of bail is to ensure you attend all your court hearings. California recently passed a law that makes it illegal to hold a defendant into custody solely because they can not afford bail. The prosecutor must provide sufficient evidence to prove why you need to post bail. In Santa Barbara County, the court sets bail if charged with a serious crime. In most cases, you are released on your own recognizance.  If the judge releases you on bail, they may set bail conditions that you must adhere to strictly.

What Is Bail in Santa Ynez?

Bail is money that you must post with the court for the judge to set you free before your case ruling. The purpose of bail is to ensure you attend all your court hearings. In California, the court may release you on your own recognizance, which means you do not have to post bail. Own recognizance or O.R means you promise the court in writing that you will attend your court appearances without fail.

How The Judge Sets Bail In California

The amount of bail you pay depends on the circumstances of the case and your criminal history. Every county, including Santa Barbara, has a bail schedule. The court can release you from jail without posting bail unless you are charged with committing a serious crime. Even if the court releases you on your recognizance, you must abide by the bail conditions the judge sets. The court may require a family or a community member to accompany you to the court hearings. You may also have to check in with state agencies through phone, text, or online. The court may impose travel restrictions and demand you surrender your passport. You may also be restricted from driving while intoxicated or while under the influence of drugs. The court may also impose a stay-away order especially if you are accused of causing or threatening to cause physical harm to the victim.

Although the bail schedule provides a baseline for the judge to set bail, the judge has discretion on the amount of bail to set. The judge will consider your criminal history, flight risk, and the specifics of your case.

The Process of Posting Bail In Santa Ynez

You can post bail in three different ways in California. You can post the bail through cash, through a cash bail agent, or a property bond.

  • Understanding More About Posting Cash Bail

You must deposit the full bail amount with the court or the arresting agency for the authorities to release you on cash bail. You can use various financial instruments to pay for the cash bail, including money order, travelers check, cashier's check, or money order. The court may also accept a personal check in some instances.

Although posting cash bail in California may seem expensive, it is one of the best ways to pay for your bail. If you attend all your court hearings, the court will refund your cash within sixty to ninety days upon the conclusion of your case, no matter the outcome. The court will also deduct some court expenses, although the deductions are not as much. However, the court may forfeit your cash should you fail to appear for all your hearings.

  • What Happens If The Court Suspects It is Suspicious Bail.

Suspicious bail is when the court suspects you did not acquire the bail money legally. If the prosecution, police, or judge suspects you feloniously acquired your cash bail, the court will not accept your cash bail until the authorities investigate. If the court places your cash under hold, you are responsible for convincing the judge you acquired the funds legally. In such a case, you should enlist the services of a qualified California criminal lawyer to help you plead your case in court.

If you manage to prove the legitimacy of the funds, the court will receive the cash bail. The court may even raise the cash bail if it discovers that you feloniously acquired the cash bail. The purpose of cash bail is to ensure you appear for all your court cases. Therefore, the court reasons that there will be little incentive for you to appear in court if the cash bail is the proceeds of a criminal enterprise since you will not feel the pinch of the financial loss.

Therefore, if you are charged with a drug or embezzlement-related offense, it is prudent to use the services of a bail bond agent.

Understanding How Bail Bonds Work In California.

In some cases, the court may charge a high bail amount which you may not afford. In such a case, you can use the services of a  bail bonds agent. The process of acquiring the bail bond is pretty fast and may take as little as 20 minutes. However, it might take between thirty minutes to four hours for the defendant to be released from jail.

In California, bail bonds agents usually charge a 10% fee of the bail amount. If the bond is $10,000, you will have to pay the bail bond agent a non-refundable fee of $1,000. However, some California bail bonds agents charge less than 10% to specific groups of people. Some people who may enjoy this discount include clients represented by lawyers, federal employees, union members, or U.S military personnel.

The contract between you and the bail bonds agent in California usually lasts one year. If your case extends for more than one year, you may need to renew the contract.

  • Offering Collateral

In California, you may need to offer collateral to secure the bond. The collateral serves as security to ensure you do not skip town. Should you fail to appear for your hearings and the court forfeits the bail amount, the bail bonds agent will sell your collateral to recover the forfeited bail.

If you do not have enough collateral, you can request your friends or loved ones to assist you with their property to act as additional collateral.

Using The Services Of A Bail Bond Agent

After the court sets the bail amount, you can contact a bail bonds agent to post the bail on your behalf. Once you pay the 10% fee, the bail bonds agent will start the release process. Many bail bonds agents have a repayment plan if you can not pay the fee in a lump sum.

Function Of The Bail Bond Agent

The function of the bail bondsman is to bail you out of prison when the authorities take you into custody.  Bail bond agents are for-profit organizations that make money by charging a non-refundable fee. If you fail to appear for your hearing, you will owe the whole bail bond company the whole bail amount. The bail bond agent will try to recover their cash by selling off the collateral you used to secure the loan. However, the bail bonds agent will use various means to find you if you skip town. They will check on you often, especially during your case hearing day. They may also try to physically take you to court if you are hesitant to attend your court hearings.

If you miss your court hearing, the judge may issue your arrest warrant. Once the judge has issued the arrest warrant, the authorities will place you into custody when they apprehend you. If the offense was a misdemeanor, the police seldom seek you to serve the arrest warrant. However, if the crime was a felony or a more serious offense, the police will seek you out to enact the arrest warrant.

Can You Recover Your Bail Bond Finances?

If you attend all your bail hearings, the bail bond agent will recover the bail amount they posted on your behalf. If you had posted cash bail, the court would refund the bail amount. However, the 10 percent fee the bail bond agents charge is non-refundable.

Your Responsibilities As A Cosigner

If the defendant does not have enough collateral, you can become their cosigner. As a cosigner, you promise to make sure the defendant makes all their court appearances. You are also liable to pay the bail bonds agent. The bail amount should be the defendant skip town, and the agent can not locate their whereabouts.

Tips Of Choosing The Right Bail Bonds Company

Choosing the right bail bondsman is critical. Although Santa Ynez has numerous bail bond agents, not all of them offer top-notch services. When choosing the bail bonds agent to post bail on your behalf, you should consider several factors. Below are some of the factors you should consider.

  • You Should Consider Recommendations From Your Attorney

Lawyers and bail bond companies often work together a lot. Therefore, your lawyer has a pretty good idea of the best bail bond company in Santa Ynez. However, you should conduct independent research to determine the authenticity and the quality of service the company offers.

  • Do Not Always Opt For The Cheapest Option

Do not make your choice of a bail bonds agent based solely on the fee they offer. Although most bail bond agents charge 10% as their fee, some may be cheaper. Before you settle on the more affordable option, it is critical to investigate the agent's quality of services.

  • Work With A Certified Bail Bonds Company

In California, every bail bonds agent must follow stringent laws that govern the bail bonds agents’ operations. Every agent needs to have an up-to-date license to continue offering bail bond services in California. You can check online if the bail bonds company you want to work with has an up-to-date license.

  • Check The Repayment Option The Bail Bonds Agent Offers

You have to pay a percentage of the bail amount the judge charges. For felony charges, the bail amount might be as much as $20,000. 10% of that is $2,000, which might be difficult to afford at once. You should work with a bail bonds company that offers a repayment plan. The repayment plan will significantly ease your financial burden.

  • Shop Around Before You Settle On A Specific Bail Bonds Agent in Santa Ynez

Finding the right bail bonds agent is not a one-stop affair. It is critical to conduct thorough research and compare various Santa Ynez bail bond agents. You can conduct your research online or ask for recommendations from your friends and family members.

Court And Jail Information In Or Near Santa Ynez

Court Information

Santa Barbara County Courthouse

1100 Anacapa St,

Santa Barbara, CA 93101-2099

Phone: 805 962 6464

Jail Information

Sheriff’s Office Headquarters

4434 Calle Real

Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Phone: (805) 681-4100

Santa Barbara County Main Jail

4436 Calle Real

Santa Barbara, CA 93110

Phone: (805) 681-426

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Posting bail can seem like a daunting task. However, if you enlist the services of a reputable bail bonds agent, you or your loved one will walk out of jail in no time. However, not all bail bond agents offer exceptional services. Therefore, you need to conduct thorough due diligence before settling on a specific bail bond agent.

If you or a loved one needs to post bail, do not hesitate to contact a reputable bail bonds agent. At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we post bail for clients who need bail bond services and work tirelessly to ensure the authorities release you from jail fast. We provide a free consultation in our office or through the phone. Do you need bail bond services in Santa Ynez? Do not hesitate to contact us today at 844-400-2245.