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After an arrest and booking procedure, the booking officer will give you a chance to call whoever you wish for assistance. Although you can call anyone at that moment, it is advisable to contact a bail bond dealer or bond agent, especially if you have an opportunity to make one phone call.

While it is natural and understandable to want to call a friend or family member, doing so might make you stay behind bars for a longer period than necessary. A bond agent can help you post the required bail at an affordable rate to have your freedom back without having to call friends or relatives for financial assistance.

Discreet bond dealers at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds are here for you if you are in trouble with the law in the city of Carpinteria. We will not offer you legal representation in court, but we can post your bail to retain your deserved freedom pending the final verdict on the accused charge.

Reasons Why it Is Critical to Pay Bail Following an Arrest in the City of Carpinteria, CA

Typically, defendants or arrestees have a constitutional right to pay bail when they are under arrest to stay free as the accused case continues. Bail is the refundable amount of money the police or the court will ask an arrestee to post or pay to act as security for their deserved release awaiting the verdict of the alleged case.

Paying bail is a chance you cannot ignore or assume if you are in sitting behind bars for any alleged offense for the following reasons:

  1. You Are Lawfully Not Guilty of the Alleged Crime Until the Court’s Final Judgment At Trial

To exercise your constitutional right that you are “innocent until proven guilty,” you should consider posting bail to be out of the detention hall within the shortest time possible. According to the fifth amendment of the constitution, it is unlawful to have an arrestee stay in jail pending the outcome of the accused charge unless if they:

  • Are more likely to free the state after posting bail
  • Are a threat to the public or the victim of the alleged case
  • The accused crime would lead to a death penalty upon conviction
  • Have a record of “jumping” bail or missing court dates after paying bail
  1. You Have a Better Chance of Preparing Legal Defenses to Counter the Alleged Offense When You are Out of Jail

Although you can still contact a defense attorney while in the detention hall, there will be limitations on how much time you can spend with them. Posting bail allows you to link up with your criminal defense attorney and spend as much time as you want with them to build and prepare legal arguments to counter the alleged charge for the best possible attainable outcome.

It is wise that you hire a specialized and experienced attorney to stand a chance of winning the case or at least achieving a less severe sentence at the sentencing hearing.

  1. It Allows You to Continue With Your Daily Life Before the Final Verdict on the Alleged Crime

To avoid unnecessary inconveniences on your daily activities or schedule after an arrest, you cannot ignore an opportunity to post bail to protect your innocence pending the final judgment of the accused crime. Staying behind bars even for two days can make you fall behind in school, lose a job, or both.

Fortunately, posting bail allows you to continue living your daily life and work with your employer to arrange for replacements during the upcoming court dates and beyond.

  1. It Gives You a Chance to Prepare and Make Arrangement for Life After Court

Since you cannot predict the possible outcome of the alleged offense, it is wise to prepare and make the necessary arrangements for life after the trial to avoid unnecessary inconveniences if the court returns a guilty verdict.

Because of that, you should consider posting bail as soon as possible to receive your deserved release pending the outcome of the alleged crime at trial, which can happen weeks, months, or years later.

Within that period, you will have an opportunity and ample time to make the necessary plans for your home, family, school, job, pets, and so forth because you do not know the judgment the jury or a judge will make on the accused case.

Acceptable Options For Posting Bail

When the court sets the amount you can pay bail at the bail hearing, which occurs less than 48 hours following an arrest, you should pay it as soon as possible to secure your much-needed freedom. Below are valid and acceptable options for posting bail:

  1. Use Cash

If you readily have the required bail amount, you can pay it in cash to the court’s clerk to secure your release. However, when the judge suspects that your cash could be proceeds of criminal activity like drug trafficking, they will hold your bail and conduct a hearing to solve this issue.

Generally, you will bear the legal burden to prove to the judge that your money was lawfully obtained or earned at this hearing. When you manage to do so with the help of your attorney, the court will accept your cash bail, and you will be out of jail as soon as possible.

  1. Use a Valuable Property or Asset

Since everyone should have a fair chance in securing their freedom after an arrest, the judge can accept any valuable property as surety for your deserved freedom if posting cash bail is impossible. Giving out your property as security for your release appears like a wise idea, but you will be at risk of losing it if you miss your scheduled court dates to prove your innocence.

  1. Use a Surety Bond or Bail Bond

Since an arrest is an unexpected event, paying the needed bail amount is a financial hardship to most defendants. Fortunately, bail bonds are available to help defendants like you post bail without a hassle upon an arrest.

Typically, a bail bond is a payment a bond dealer will pay to the court on your behalf if you do not have cash bail or property to secure your release upon an arrest. To secure your release from the detention hall using this option, you must pay the bond agent a particular percentage (typically 10%) of your total needed bail amount.

Unlike bail, even if you comply with the conditions of your release, the bond dealer will not refund this percentage since it is their services fee.

How to Find a Reliable and Credible Bail Bondsman in the City of Carpinteria

It is undoubtedly true, having a reliable bond agent in your corner can make all the difference in how soon you will have your freedom back following an arrest. The tips explained below will be helpful if you are on a mission to find a dependable bond agent in the city of Carpinteria:

Do a Prior Research

Before you embark on the time-consuming journey of finding a dependable bond agent for bail bond services, it is wise to do thorough prior research for enlightenment on what you can expect from a reliable agent. With just a touch of a button on your smartphone, you can read past client reviews of your prospective agent to know whether or not their services are dependable.

Although you need your freedom back within the shortest time possible, it is wise to have options before settling for the services of any bond agent you find on the internet. Use google to point out a top-rated and reliable bond agent within your location.

Seek References

Do not feel ashamed of seeking this kind of help from your colleagues or relatives because there are chances that one of them knows a reputable agent that can help you during this time of need. Even if they cannot refer you to any agent, they can help you find one within the shortest time possible.

If you already have an attorney, you can ask them for recommendations because they have experience in this legal field to find a dependable agent without time wastage.

Know The Payment Plans or Options They Have in Place

Before you put a signature on any agreement or contract with your potential bond dealer, you should know the payment options they have in place to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding when paying their services fee. A reliable agent will provide you with flexible payment options to settle their services fee (premium) without a hassle.

Check Their Licensing Credentials

Like other businesses, it is illegal for a bond dealer to offer these services to arrestees without a valid license. During your first consultation with your potential or prospective bond dealer, you should ask them about their licensing credentials.

If you suspect that your prospective bond agent is unlicensed and unreliable, you should trust your instincts and find a different agent because this is a sign of unreliability.

Find an Agent That Can Understand Your Language

Although there are several bond agents in the city of Carpinteria, not all of them can speak another language other than English. If you are unfamiliar with English, working with a bond dealer who understands your local language would be wise to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings during these critical times.

For instance, if you are a Spanish speaker, you should find a bond agent that can fluently speak and understand this language.

Know Whether or Not They Have a Physical Office

Look for a bond dealer with a physical workplace, even if you will never have to visit them in their office to receive the services you need. It shows a sense of seriousness and professionalism working with an agent who has a physical workplace where their clients can walk in if they need bail bond services.

These tips can lessen your options to find a dependable bond agent without unnecessary time wastage if you or someone you care about is behind bars for any accused offense.

Common Bail Bond Mistakes You Ought to Know

If you choose to use a bail bond to secure your freedom following an arrest for any alleged charge, you should avoid these common mistakes:

Providing Wrong or Erroneous Information to the Bonde Agent

Once you contact a bond agent, they will require some information from you to begin the bail bond process, including:

  • Your name
  • Your phone number
  • Your current address
  • Your business address or employer’s name

Providing wrong or erroneous information can make it seem like you are likely to flee after stepping out of the detention hall, even if you plan to avail yourself in court for the upcoming hearings. If that is the case, the agent may decide not to work with you, which will make you stay in jail longer than necessary.

Traveling or Moving Out the State

One of the requirements you must comply with after posting bail is showing up on your upcoming court-scheduled hearing dates. Therefore, most courts will prohibit you from traveling or moving out of your county or state after paying bail to ensure your appearance during future court dates to counter the criminal accusations against you.

Whatever you do after securing your bail, you must abide by your travel limits if you do not want yourself back in jail. Once you are re-arrested after posting bail, chances are you will remain behind bars without a possibility of paying bail again until your alleged case’s final verdict.

Additionally, fleeing or missing a court date after posting bail is a crime on its own, which can attract misdemeanor or felony penalties depending on the facts of your original case.

Addresses for Jails and Courthouses in Santa Barbara County

When your loved one is in jail for any accused offense in the city of Carpinteria, you will need the addresses below to locate them and know their alleged case status:

Jail Information

Santa Barbara County Jail

4434 Calle Real

Santa Barbara, Ca 93110


City of Carpenteria Police Department

5775 Carpinteria Avenue

Carpinteria, Ca 93103


Courthouse Information

Santa Barbara County Courthouse

1100 Anacapa

St Santa Barbara, CA 93101


Lompoc Courthouse

115 Civic Center

Lompoc, CA 93436-6967


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