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Each year, in the US, over 10.6 million jail admissions take place. Unlike in prison, where around 600,000 convicted people are admitted every year, jail hosts mostly people awaiting trial, not yet convicted of any crime. And, each year, over 450,000 of them are stuck in jail because they are unable to pay their bails, which can vary between $250-$500 to the national average of $10,000 for felonies or more. 

Undoubtedly, paying the bail amount or waiting for trial are the most common and popular options. However, there are some other alternatives that can help your loved ones find a way out of jail and prepare for trial without significant financial burdens. Discover the benefits of 0% down bail bonds in this guide by Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.

What Are 0% Down Bail Bonds?

The most straightforward way to get out of jail before trial is to pay the required bail. Or, you can get out of jail without paying money by opting for a “release on recognizance,” which involves signing a written promise to appear in court as requested.

However, these - and staying in jail until the trial - aren’t the only options available for you and your loved ones. The third alternative is the “zero percent down bail bond.” 

Unlike normal bail bonds, 0% down bail bonds don’t require a down payment or a premium, which, by Californian law, has to be 7% or higher and is usually around 10% of the requested bail amount. 

Once you qualify for this bail bond, your bondsman at Mr. Nice Guy will immediately post the entire bail amount.

After that, you can secure a loved one’s release and pay the bail amount owed in installments. The entire service comes at a small fee of around 10% of the defendant’s total bail amount.

What To Expect From 0% Down Bail Bonds At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds

There are many benefits of no down bail bonds, including the fact that you won’t have to worry about the financial burden to get a loved one out of jail. Here’s what to expect from 0% down bail bonds:

  • 24/7 bail bonds service, across California and out of state
  • Immediate release for qualifying clients
  • The total cost of the service is 10%, to be paid later
  • There are no hidden fees
  • No lengthy credit check procedures
  • The bond can be submitted online, over the phone, or in-person - Mr. Nice Guy is always a phone call away!
  • Approvals can be submitted online or over the phone - even for large bail amounts.

All you need to obtain a 0% down bail bond are a few details about yourself, including your name, date and place of birth, Social Security number, current contact details, residential information, proof of employment, and background information. 

Make sure to fill in each form carefully, as we’ll use the details you have provided to decide whether a 0% down bail bond is the right option for you. 

What Are the Benefits of 0% Bail Bonds?

Bail amounts in California can go from $5,000 for Violation of Probation and over $200,000 for severe felonies, including Discharging a Firearm in the Commission of a Federal Crime. Looking at these amounts, it is easy to see how most people will struggle to pay even a small bond of 7%, which is the minimum allowed by the State of California

However, if one of your loved ones is in jail, you might already be facing very difficult times - even without the substantial financial burden that comes with it. Here is where 0% down bail bonds can truly help you. Learn about the benefits of this bail bond option below. 

0% Down Bail Bonds Can Help You Save Money

Unlike most bail bonds in California, 0% down bail bonds do not obligate clients to pay a percentage of their bail amount to be immediately released from jail. If you are eligible for this exclusive type of bond and you meet all the conditions set by the bond provider, you can immediately receive the bail amount, thus granting you your freedom. 

The down payment - alongside the 10% fee of your provider - can be then paid in installments alongside the remaining bail balance. So, you can secure the release of a loved one without having to face significant costs. 

0% Down Bond Bails Can Help You Better Prepare for Trial

Normally, if you are unable to pay your entire bail amount or even your 7-10% premium, you would face a long stay in jail until your trial, even if you are not yet found guilty of the crime. Nonetheless, staying in jail can be dangerous - and for more than one reason!

Indeed, staying in jail for long periods of time can harm your health and throw your finances off balance. What’s more is that the time you spend in jail is time not spent working on your case!

Indeed, you can cooperate with your attorney from jail, but limited visits and phone calls can slow down progress and cause you to arrive unprepared at your trial. Thanks to a 0% down bail bond, you can leave jail almost immediately and start preparing for your trial right away, find witnesses, and explore different sides of the events.

Zero Down Payment Bail Bonds Protect You Against Asset Liquidation

Once your bail amount is set, you might opt to post your entire bail or ask a trusted friend or family member to do so for you. However, cotly bails can put you in the position of having to make complex and drastic financial decisions, including liquidating your assets. 

What’s more is that paying a large bail amount in full after liquidating your assets can raise suspicions about your assets, and might trigger an investigation against the defendant. To avoid all this, you might consult with a tax professional about drastic financial decisions, including asset liquidations. 

While these financial transactions can help you pay your bail, they can raise suspicion about your assets and trigger further investigations. You can avoid all this by opting for a 0% down bail bond - get started by calling 844-400-2245!

0% Down Bail Bonds Are Confidential

If you are looking to liquidate assets and ask for loans, your situation might become publicly known, which can affect your reputation, employment, and personal relationships. By letting a professional bondsman at Mr. Nice Guy handle your bail bond options, you are guaranteed discretion and confidentiality. No need for third-party interventions!

Get a Loved One Out of Jail With Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds

If a loved one is in jail, you might have to deal with unprecedented levels of stress. Our bail bond agents know how overwhelming this moment can be, and provide you with suitable solutions to secure the release of a loved one without an associated financial burden. 

Get in touch with the expert bondsmen at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds by contacting our team at the toll-free number 844-400-2245 and get your loved ones out of jail fast!

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