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Bail Bonds For Hit And Run Charges

Posted on Mar 14th, 2022 by Bail Agent 2307 Views

Anyone who flees the scene of a hit and run is likely to face penalties including steep fines and prison time. Learn the right steps to take if you are arrested for a hit and run in California. 

Have you or a loved one been charged with a hit and run? It is likely that you will face significant penalties in the state of California. This could include:

  • Heavy Fines
  • Time In Jail
  • Loss Of Driver’s License

Do be aware that a hit and run charge may also include other charges depending on the type of accident that you were involved in. For instance, you may have hit an animal. If that’s the case, you could be charged with animal abuse. 

In more serious cases, you could have hit a person. If they died after you left the scene of the accident, you could be charged with vehicular manslaughter. 

A hit and run charge can also be classified as a misdemeanor. This is often true if a driver failed to stop after damaging property or injuring an animal. 

What If The Accident Wasn’t Your Fault?

If an accident wasn’t your fault, you still should never leave the scene until the emergency services have arrived. You may not have caused the accident but the act of leaving can lead to you being arrested and potentially jailed. You must remain at the scene until the police arrive and a report is filed. 

What Impacts The Charge For A Hit And Run?

You will usually be charged with a misdemeanor in cases where you fail to identify yourself or someone else who was involved in a hit and run. 

A felony charge will be the result of someone being injured or killed. 

Do note that various mitigating factors can impact the hit and run charge that you receive along with the other charges that could also be brought forward. 

Bail For Hit And Run 

If you are charged and arrested for a hit and run then you will remain in jail until you post bail. The average cost of bail for a hit and run charge in California is approximately $10,000. This is how much you will need to post if you are charged with a hit-and-run as well as an injury charge. This is lower than various other felony crimes. However, it may still be more expensive than you can comfortably afford. 

Sentences And Penalties For Hit And Run Charges In California 

The main factor which determines the cost of bail for a hit and run charge in California is the penalty and sentence for each case. 

For instance, if there is no death and no injury but there was property damage then the penalty can be anything up to $1000. This is according to the Vehicle Code Section 20002(a).

Alternatively, if there was a death or permanent injury a hit and run charge may carry a maximum fine of $10,000. You may also be sentenced to up to four years where you will be held in state prison. 

As such, bail is likely to be more expensive if you are charged with a hit and run where someone was injured or fatally harmed. For instance, if you are charged with Vehicular Manslaughter then the bail amount could be $50,000. This is just an example and the actual amount could exceed this figure. 

In hit and runs where only property was damaged, it is more likely that the cost of bail will be affordable. However, the penalties can still be significant enough that a bail bond will be required. 

Why Is It Important To Post Bail As Quickly As Possible?

If you or a loved one is charged with a hit and run in California, it is important that you post bail as quickly as possible. This means that you will be out of jail for the duration of your trial. This is critical as trials can last for weeks or even months. If you are unable to post bail then you will be serving jail time before you have been convicted for a crime. 

Hit and run cases are often complex and as such you need to spend as much time with your defense lawyer as possible. This will be difficult if you are stuck behind bars because your visiting time will always be limited. Your attorney will only be able to speak with you when visiting times are allowed. If you post bail quickly, then you can avoid a long duration in jail and build the best case for your defense with the support of your lawyer. 

How To Post A Bail Bond For A Hit and Run Charge

Every California county has a specific local bail schedule that is set for different defenses including hit and run charges. If you are arrested, a loved one can check the bail schedule or they may ask a bail bondsman to handle this for them. This will determine the amount needed to post bail.

In minor offences, the individual will be released from jail without posting bail. However, this is unlikely to be the case when an individual is charged with a hit and run. 

If your hit and run are on the bail schedule, then the amount must be paid or a bond needs to be posted. It’s worth noting an arresting officer may request that the bail be set to an amount that is higher than indicated by the schedule. 

During your arraignment, the county judge will either continue the bail or they will modify it so that it fits the specific details of your case. If you want to challenge your bail amount then your defense attorney can ask for a hearing 2 days after your initial arraignment. 

The easiest way to post bail for a hit and run charge is to post the full amount required. There are cases where the court will refuse to accept bail. This may be the case if they suspect the origin of the funds was from a criminal enterprise. 

Since bail can be expensive for a hit and run charge, it is more common for people to obtain a bond. This can be completed using a licensed bail bondsman like our service. A bondsman can then deliver the court the bond to secure your release. 

How Can We Help?

The bail amount for a hit and run charge in California may be more expensive than you can afford. That’s where we can provide the expert support that you need. If you are charged with a hit and run in California, you will need to boat pail to get out of jail. Once you post bail, the court will hold this money and then it will be returned to you once the case is closed. 

Hit and run cases can take time. As such, the money you post for bail could be tied up for a while. It can also take time to get the money back through the court system once a case ends. 

At Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we want to ensure that no one is in jail for any longer than they need to be. We can post a bond for you. You can pay a fee and we then pay the cost of the bail. 

We strive to provide the best bail bond solution for hit and run charges in California. We will work to ensure that you can get out of jail as quickly as possible. Our team is available 24-hours each day and always ready to help a client in need. 

Why Choose Our Services For A Hit And Run Bail Bond?

We strive to provide the best service to clients who need a bail bond for a hit and run charge. We charge 10% of the total cost of bail as our fee. This fee is non-refundable and is also the lowest cost that you can pay in Southern California. 

If you retain a private attorney and pay the premium within just 72 hours, we will only charge 7%. This is the absolute lowest rate that you can pay in California. 

We also ensure that you won’t have to worry about covering the cost of any additional or hidden fees. This could include posting fees, processing fees, interest on financing or late file premiums. With our service, the charge we advertise is the charge that you will pay. 

Our team also strives to provide a rapid solution that won’t leave you or your loved one waiting longer than they need to in jail. You might be struggling to find a loved one who you believe has been charged with a hit and run crime. If that’s the case, we can help you track them down through the system. This can be a complicated process but we’re ready to guide you and support you in any way you need. 

Our friendly team members are always ready to answer your call and eager to offer the expert service that you deserve. 

Will You Receive Bail For A Hit And Run?

Usually, a person who is sent to jail for a hit and run charge will be eligible for bail. However, as mentioned, the sum of money required is likely going to be quite high. In some cases, you may not be eligible for bail. This will be the case for more serious charges of hit and run. One of the reasons why you may be refused bail is if someone was killed during a hit and run incident that you have been charged with. However, in a case like this, you should still receive bail depending on specific details of the case in question including whether the accident was your fault. 

If bail is granted, it can take some time to process. However, it can be as quick as a couple of hours. It will often depend on the processing time of the court in question as well as your bail hearing schedule. 

If you do require a bail hearing, you can be accompanied by a bail bondsman. They will then work with you to ensure that you are released as quickly as possible once your bail has been set. 

What To Do To Avoid A Hit And Run Charge In California?

To avoid a hit and run charge you must ensure that you act the right way at the scene of an accident. According to the California Vehicle Code 20001, you need to ensure that you stop your car at the scene of the incident. You should provide any relevant identifying information to the other parties that are involved as well as officers on the scene. 

You may also be required to provide reasonable assistance to people who are injured and need medical attention. However, do be wary if you suspect that the person in question is intoxicated or has taken another substance. 

Under no circumstances should you leave the scene of the incident until an officer has completed a report. You may even want to check it is safe for you to leave by speaking with an officer. 

If someone is killed during an accident, then you must contact your local police department immediately. 

Remember, these requirements are applicable regardless of whether the accident in question was your fault or someone else at the scene was responsible. You could be arrested for a hit and run charge regardless of how you were involved in the accident if you leave the scene. 

Get The Support You Need 

If you are concerned about being involved in a hit and run or need support for you or a loved one with an incident that has already occurred, please do not hesitate to contact an expert member of our Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds today. We will ensure that you are not left in jail for a moment longer than you need to be while you are awaiting trial. 

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