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5 Tips for Securing a Local Bondsman

Posted on Apr 19th, 2022 by mrnice 45 Views

Did you know that over one million people are arrested in California each year? The majority are for minor offenses, though. If you are arrested for a driving crime or a misdemeanor, you deserve to return home until your court date. Bail bonds are the best way to make this happen, which is why securing a local bondsman should be your priority.

Posting bail bonds will enable you to return to normal life and prepare your future legal case in style. Here’s all you need to know about completing the process.

Why use a local bondsman?

When seeking bail bonds to get out of jail in California, it’s imperative that you choose the best possible solution. After all, your freedom is at stake. While there are alternative options, such as posting your own bail or asking a loved one to complete the bail bonds, the use of a California bail bondsman is usually the most effective solution.

Here are just some of the reasons to take this route rather than the others;

  • A local bondsman knows the legal processes involved, allowing you to get out of jail in the fastest time,
  • It allows you to post the full bail bond payment right away - even if you don’t have the funds yourself,
  • The knowledge that your bail bonds will be taken care of by an expert will give you peace of mind during the process,
  • A local bondsman’s knowledge and experience may be used to influence the subsequent court case,
  • Getting out of jail far sooner gives you maximum time to consider the next legal steps to take.

Posting bail bonds isn’t a lengthy process, meaning you can get back to your family within hours. However, being arrested is never a nice situation - even for a minor offense - to be in. for the sake of convenience, costs, and your mental wellness, securing a local bondsman is the best solution.

How to secure your local bondsman

Appreciating the benefits of using a local bondsman in California is one thing, but you still need to choose the right professional for a smooth bail process. Focus on the five tips below, and you should have no problem gaining a quick and stress-free bail.

#1. Learn how much is needed

When you are arrested in California, you will need to take mugshots, DNA swabs, and fingerprints as a part of entering the jail booking system. Once this has occurred, you will subsequently be moved into jail and told if you are eligible for bail. Crucially, this is when you find out how much the bail amount will be.

The figure can vary greatly from one crime to the next. Once you know the amount, though, you can calculate exactly how much your bail bond will cost. The bail bond is essentially a surety bond and a local Californian bondsman should charge 10% of the fee. So, if you find yourself facing a $5,000 bail, you will now only need to find $500 right now to get out of jail. 

California’s Penal Code Section 851.5 states that you will be entitled to make three phone calls within three hours of entering the jail system. This includes one to an attorney as well as one to the bail bondsman and a loved one. The third of those calls can be used to arrange the 10% fee to be transferred to your bail bondsman. Your friend or relative is allowed to do this and interact with the bondsman while you are in custody.

If you are not eligible for bond at this time, the next bond hearing will take place within 48 hours of your arrest.

#2. Determine whether a reduced fee can be reached

Once you have paid the bondsman to pay your bail, you cannot subsequently argue with the courts to face a lower charge. Therefore, if you think that your bail has been set too high, you must try to argue this before posting your bail. A 24/7 local bondsman who will pay the right amount once this is confirmed is key. They, along with your attorney, can also provide advice on whether you could argue for a reduction.

As per the Eighth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, law enforcers cannot set excessively high bail fees. All bail charges should be set in line with the crime, your personal criminal history, and your financial situation. 

If you feel that you have been hit with an excessive fee, your attorney is the one to challenge it. Nonetheless, your bail bondsman will still be needed upon the conclusion. A responsive bondsman with a local presence in California is desired as their prompt payment is what will allow you to exit custody far sooner.

It should be noted, though, that your bail reduction won’t always make financial sense because you will need to pay your attorney for the extra work. Given that you also have no guarantee of a negotiated value, you may be better suited to accepting a slightly excessive fee.

#3. Find a local bail bondsman in California

When posting bail in California, law enforcers aren’t overly concerned whether the money comes from a California resident or from out-of-state. After all, you may even be a visitor who has been arrested while spending time in the Golden State. Even if this is the case, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds suggests that you stay local.

The benefits of using a local bail bondsman are clear and plentiful. For starters, it works out more affordable as an out-of-state bondsman or national agency that is not located in the same County as where you are in custody would charge the additional legal fees that stem from working from afar.

Furthermore, having a local bondsman means that you will get the quickest possible service, likewise, they can offer a more personal experience including one-to-one meetings if required. When combined with their local knowledge and expertise in both Californian law and bail processes, you’ll get out of jail far sooner. 

A local service also makes it easier for you to complete any interactions between now and your court dates. For the sake of convenience and mental peace of mind, this route makes sense.

#4. Find a licensed bondsman

As already mentioned, you don’t have to take the professional route. You can always pay your bail through cash bonds or property bonds in which you use assets as collateral to pay the costs. In these cases, you can arrange for your jail release quickly and without outside support. When calling a bondman in the Golden State, though, it is imperative that you choose a licensed agent.

A team of licensed agents isn’t only the best option from a legal perspective. They also have your best interest in kind. Once again, their quick action means that you’ll get out of jail far sooner than choosing alternative methods. Better still, you can be sure that they actually have the amount needed to cover your bail. Given that your calls are limited, the last thing you want is to call a bondsman that isn’t fit for purpose.

The average felony bail fee is around $10,000 according to the Prison Policy Initiative. A licensed bondsman will have completed their bail bonding license exam, local state licensing and set up the appropriate merchant services. This means that they can offer a quick and comprehensive service. 

A great local bondsman will be able to support you before, during, and after the bond has been posted. 

#5. Know their track record

When seeking a local bondsman in California, your first goal is to find one that can get you out of jail in the quickest time. However, you also need to know that they will provide an excellent service that extends beyond the bail posting itself. Therefore, conducting your research into the local providers is highly advised.

It is hard to do once you’ve been arrested, but you can do this now. First and foremost, you should check that a provider has a solid history of working with misdemeanor bonds or whatever area of law your bail relates to. It will give you a far better shot at gaining a quick response, especially if the company has completed previous interactions with the jail where you are incarcerated in.

You should also check what fees are charged as this could bump up the costs. The good news is that local regulations stop in-state bondsmen from charging excessive amounts for their services. Still, it’s important to have a clear understanding of the full picture.

A company that has operated for several years is always preferred too. This research step is one you should always complete in case of future arrest. It can also be used to support a loved one who has been jailed and needs help with their bail.

What to do after your bail has been posted

Once you have successfully posted your bail, you can return to normal living but must satisfy some rules. You must attend all scheduled court hearings and adhere to all bail terms, including payments. Meanwhile, you must stay in touch with your bail bondsman and avoid breaking the law - even for minor issues - while awaiting your court hearing.

Ultimately, though, gaining bail buys you time and helps you avoid spending any unnecessary extra time in jail. To find out more about posting bail bonds in California, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds on 844-400-2245 today.

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