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Guide To Survival In County Jail

Posted on Apr 19th, 2022 by mrnice 36 Views

If you (or a loved one) find yourself in county jail, the positive news is that you are probably serving time for a minor crime or misdemeanor as most inmates arrested for major crimes that require a sentence of over 12 months are held in state prisons.

Nonetheless, stats show that the average daily county jail population in California is around 80,000 using daily averages. But whether you are due to spend a few days, weeks, or months in county jail, it will be a very difficult time in your life - not least if this is the first time that you’ve spent time behind bars.

This guide to survival in county jail can help you deal with the sentence while also thinking about how to get out of jail sooner. Here’s everything you need to know about handling the initial arrest and any subsequent county jail time.

1. Consider bail

Let’s face it; you’d rather not spend any time in jail. Or at the very least, you’d want to reduce your jail time to the bare minimum. Posting bail is, when possible, the best way to get back to daily life in the fastest possible time.

Once you have been arrested and entered the prison system by completing your mugshots and other key steps, you will find out whether bail is possible. If you cannot afford to pay the full fee, a bail bondsman for felonies can do it for you. All you’ll need to do is send them 10% (or get a loved one to do it on your behalf), and you could be out within hours.

You’ll still need to meet various expectations, like attending all court hearings, but gaining your freedom will help you get back to family, work, and responsibilities while also hiring an attorney for your case. It also means avoiding violence and sickness in county jail.

2. Stay positive

When spending any amount of time in county jail, it will pose a threat to your mental health. A positive attitude will make the time pass faster while it can also reduce the risk of making regrettable decisions during your jail term.

During the first night or two, it’s important to remind yourself that things will be OK. you are also legally allowed to have an attorney, which can provide an added source of confidence. Even if bail isn’t possible, you should remember that things have already reached their low point. As long as you act correctly, each minute is now a minute closer to home.

In fact, you may find that your sentence is reduced for good behavior. Besides, one of the scariest features of jail is the unknown. After a few days of getting used to life behind bars, the days will soon start to pass sooner. Keeping a countdown chart can be useful too.

3. Cooperate

Jail guards aren’t your friends. Likewise, you don’t want to become the hated figure of other inmates, which is why becoming an informant is the last thing you want to do. As far as your case is concerned, though, cooperation will be key. After all, officers can make life very hard.

As long as the correction officers work within the law, you should cooperate by doing what they ask quickly and politely. It’s not worth fighting over trivial issues and should only raise a complaint if your safety or rights are being violated. Otherwise, disobedience could potentially lead to additional charges. Or officers could try to open secondary cases.

Your cooperation won’t suddenly mean charges are dropped, but it can aid your cause when it comes to court hearings. Furthermore, avoiding the ‘troublemaker’ tag from the guards can only be a positive force throughout the days of your incarceration.

4. Know that not everyone is a minor felony

If your jail time is set to last for under 12 months, you will be an inmate at your country jail. In line with California state laws. However, it should be noted that not every offender in this type of jail is incarcerated for driving and drug-related issues.

The Public Safety Realignment Act 2011 saw situations change in response to the overcrowding of state prisons., It expanded the role of county jails to cover “non-violent, non-serious, non-sex offenders”, meaning that fewer people were held in state jurisdictions and instead sent to the county jails. Some inmates are in for a far longer time than you.

Acknowledging this face can make a huge difference as you navigate your way through your jail time. People set to stay for years may be more frustrated and more likely to lash out or be less inclined to simply keep their heads down. Do not allow yourself to be caught up.

5. Avoid trouble

Avoiding trouble with other inmates isn’t a move that should be limited to interactions with individuals serving long jail sentences. Frankly, you should be looking to avoid trouble at all costs. Aside from the physical risk, the lack of an escape can harm your mental health.

While state prisoner fatalities are far higher than county jail statistics, there is always a danger of this happening if you attract trouble while injuries can be common. As such, you should make it your aim to find the perfect balance between keeping your distance without appearing weak to other inmates. When you achieve this, you’ll attract less trouble.

Walking tall and straight while looking ahead makes you look stronger while also avoiding the threat of making problematic eye contact with other people. On a side note, this is a move that helps you avoid unwanted attention from the guards.

6. Be productive

It may not feel like it right now, but your time in county jail is actually a good time to build a positive future. The most important things in your life - friends and family - will still be there for you when your jail sentence is finished. 

A fresh start in other life aspects may be a good thing in the long run. Crucially, your time in jail can be spent forming new habits. A few minutes of yoga or mindfulness can completely transform your life while there’s also a lot of time to build on your strength through weight training exercises. This will additionally make you a less likely target for attacks in jail.

New habits can follow you back to the real world. Alternatively, you could use this time to write a book or music. Likewise, it may be possible to further develop your business skills or education. If nothing else, keeping your mind engaged will serve you well during his time.

7. Behave

Avoiding trouble is one aspect of good behavior, but it isn’t the only key feature to consider. It should extend to all aspects of your lifestyle behind bars. The fact that misbehavior could see your jail sentence increased is more than enough of an incentive to act well.

Good behavior takes many forms, and it is a lot easier to maintain those standards when you keep yourself to yourself. Do not let yourself become indebted to another inmate as this will cause you a lot of problems. Meanwhile, you must avoid drug usage as becoming addicted while in jail would make you very vulnerable. The guards wouldn’t take kindly to this either.

While you probably won’t want to get too close to other inmates, it’s also important to avoid making enemies. Stay respectful to them, and they will probably show you respect. Avoid discussions about potentially divisive topics like politics and religion.

8. Be ready to fight your case

Following the above steps should help you avoid additional charges and threats to your physical and mental health. Nonetheless, your main aim still revolves around returning t normality and getting your life back on track back in the real world.

As per California Penal Code 1382, you have the right to go to trial within 45 days of committing a misdemeanor or 60 days for a felony. Seeking bail through a bondsman gives you the best chance of preparing your case with an attorney. It also gives you a chance to prove that you are a good citizen between now and the court date.

If you have been arrested for driving offenses, petty theft, or other misdemeanors, you may be able to avoid jail time beyond the initial arrest by proving your innocence or using your personal history to your advantage. Either way, you deserve the right outcome. 

The final word

Being arrested and facing the prospect of jail time is never nice. Regardless of whether you’re a Californian citizen or a visitor to the Golden State, knowing how to successfully navigate this period with a view to getting back to freedom at the earliest should be at the top of your agenda. Removing the sense of unknowing will make a world of difference but avoiding unnecessary time behind bars is an equally crucial factor.

To learn more about posting bail for yourself or a loved one through a bondsman in California, contact Mr. Nice Bail Bonds now. The first step to freedom starts here.

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