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How to Cope with Holiday Arrests

Posted on Nov 10th, 2022 by Bail Agent 261 Views

Thanksgiving is the kick-off (literally) for the holiday season and this year will probably promote more togetherness since the cooling of the pandemic years.  Travel by any means can be accomplished, parents and grandparents feel more comfortable and perhaps vaccinated for the return of tradition.  For most, the holidays mean togetherness … catching a game on TV … sleeping on the floor … dining together … and all of it in the same house that many of the visitors shared.  It’s all about catching up with time gone by and looking forward.

Thanksgiving is the uniquely non-religious American holiday to commemorate the first unified meeting of native people and the pilgrims from Europe.  The holiday has been adapted to be a time of appreciation and joy for all families and neighbors.  Many families cannot seem to tolerate the multiple generations and multiple disciplines and lifestyles under one roof - usually leading up to a big weekend topped with STRESS.  Even for the closest of families, or seemingly close, there is room for strife, arguments, tension, and the reactive over-indulgence with alcohol or substances.  It is one of the only times and places when you can (at age 30 or 40 forty) be scolded as if you were sitting at the kids table in the next room for simply expressing your opinion.

Not attending is an option, but that makes for a lonely long weekend without any of the foods you may have grown to cherish.  Self-isolation (and repeated excuses for doing so) is a sign of disfunction or non-communication and possibly the sense of loss that leads to abuse of alcohol, substances, other people or things.  If it is a situation where you feel you will be antagonized for your beliefs, your new extended family, or your habits, passing on participation is a safe and wise option.  Parents take more time to warm up and accept their “children” and their changes to the conventional scripts of lifestyle; they challenge themselves and need to time and encouragement to adapt.  You will grow to not be as shaken or emotionally reactive for their opinions, and they may realize that it’s their intent that you simply be happy. 

The Thriving Business of the Holidays

Three businesses are guaranteed to be busy starting with the Wednesday before Thanksgiving (Thanksgiving eve).

  • The first is any place that serves Pizza (delivery, carry out, or eat in). No one wants to cook when that’s what they usually do the next day (all day).  It is documented in just about every business journal that it is the single largest sale day for the pizza business.  To go food in general sees an increase but Pizza is consistently the top selection.  Few take out chicken when the main course the next day will be Turkey.  Pizza satisfies a varied range of cravings and is easy to clean up after.
  • The second is the local law enforcement agency in any city or small town or state “trooper” organizations. The California Highway Patrol conducts a “Maximum Enforcement Period” MEP and city police officers and county sheriffs do the same. The process includes the checkpoints and physical presence in problematic intersections and more.  Look for clusters of towing-vehicles and wagons for the soon-to-be incarcerated.  Be aware of your speed numbers when you pass by the radar numbers display. 
  • The third is Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds where anyone can call for advisement and action with the unexpected emergency, call any time for freeing someone jailed anywhere in California. The in-jail meal considerations are far less appealing than pizza or chicken or even a burger.

Nationally, Thanksgiving Day has the dismal tradition of family members involved in extreme violence (outright murder, murder plus dismemberment, attempted murder, etc.) and all over objections to another members’ behavior or terrible sentiments.  The list of objections that family members have about one another is long and loud in some families and tolerated cautiously by others. It is difficult to say which is the healthier, but individual pain can easily grow into hatred and violence if those communication errors aren’t respected. 

Thanksgiving weekend brings Black Friday, with retailers looking to make up for possible sales slacking quarters.  New hazards are flash mob raids of merchandise (mobberies) that target the over stocked retail locations and just general thieving of vehicles or unsuspecting persons in parking lots.  Spending money (cash or plastic) is always a stressor for some people or families.

Thanksgiving Survival Tips

If you know you are stressed about seeing family before you get there, step back and either sleep in your car outside the house (without keys available to you) or walk to a local bar.

Reach out to someone who lives close to where you are going and possibly use “seeing them” as an excuse to get out of the house.

Tuck some cash into a corner of your favorite vehicle or personal hiding place.  You may need it to repay a family member or friend for a favor they have not yet done.

Keep this number (844) 400-2245 for Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds.  Mr. Nice Guy loves a holiday homecoming, and none are sweeter than getting a friend or family member out of trouble from “overdoing” the holiday spirit.  Agents will be ready for helping you help your friend or loved one out of a weekend stay in jail.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents will be happy to verify that information so that your investment is the least amount possible.  You will save their Thanksgiving, and that’s the best form of goodwill that is available. 

2021 California Statistics

Last year, 57 people were killed in accidents and 1,019 DUI arrests occurred over the Thanksgiving weekend per CHP Statistics (remember that’s simply roads and road safety).

Shootings occurred with fatalities during in least a dozen cities.

Flash robbery (mobbery) of Nordstrom in Beverly Hills area, Home Depot in Lakewood, CA (security officer killed).

Violent Crime statistics for Los Angeles area stayed level with previous years.  Central and Northern California increased as well as Orange County.  The classification of violent crimes include murder, armed robbery, aggravated assault (domestic violence or not), rape (domestic violence or not).  

Property crime statistics are slightly increased for all areas of California but are less than 2015 levels because of re-classification of some.  Property crimes are arson, burglary, vandalism, grand theft, and larceny.   

United Defense of the Holiday Cheer

Checkpoints will exist everywhere and all the latest in technology will be in use to monitor freeways, so to avoid early arrest do not drink and drive.  There are plenty of drive services that are operating through the weekend, public transportation will operate and of course walking is an option.   It is probably not wise to be carrying substances that are wrapped in separate little bags also, as that could produce a felony arrest until a lab determines the substance.

Questionable contents found with you require content tests, a DUI charge requires blood alcohol tests, and evidence must be submitted to substantiate any charges you receive during your arraignment when the court is prepared to make the charge.  Do you want to spend your time waiting in a holding cell for the court system?  Take advantage of your friends like Mr. Nice Guy or get your friends and family to contact the agents at the office (844) 400-2245 where the phone will always be answered.

Returning to your old home during the holiday may offer some surprises, such as new street signs, new housing tracts, and new locations where there were once landmark establishments.  Many places affected by pandemic business situations have changed hands and fire has devastated some areas so they may not be as familiar.  Check your route before you go, even if you could get there by rote, because the areas don’t always look like you remember them.  Negotiating a new signal or swerving to avoid a new center divider in a road looks like DUI to anyone driving around you.

Party spots near the beaches or in specific neighborhoods are where the reckless may congregate to blow off steam before the big day of good behavior.  It is a good idea to avoid challenges to street race or make gestures to incite or intimidate.   Reckless driving in any circumstances can have felony charges applied in the case of an accident, injury, excessive speed, or if this is not your first offense of the same.

California does not tolerate carrying a weapon in public without a CCW permit and absolutely no firearms can be loaded.  The Carry Concealed Weapon permit is required no matter what and can be issued in another state.  No weapons may be concealed in a vehicle without being in a locked box in the trunk of the car.  Fines (up to $10,000) and arrests for violating California’s carry laws apply to everyone, regardless of state of residence.  Many of the rules are TSA based rules in use on the roads.

Domestic violence (spousal, partner, same-sex, or sibling) is a violent crime and it appears to occur more during holidays because abuser and victim are in contact with one another for an extended period of time (4 days, a week).  Stressors of money, holiday spending, social gatherings and traditional abundance of alcohol and substances.  Some people can’t handle the stress of being in contact with rival siblings, family favoritism, long-standing grudges, money owed, lectures, and judgements about lifestyle choices.  The adverse reactions often intensify amidst a larger group of people taking sides in the conflict.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds knows that in California a police response for domestic violence disturbance will result in an arrest when they find probable cause.  A bail bond for domestic violence is usually between $500 and $1000 and if the arrested is a loved one or family member, you’re obtaining a bail bond to get that person into a constructive environment where they may seek help with their anger issues.  Mr. Nice Guy’s licensed agents will be happy to verify that information so that your investment is the least amount possible.  You will be taking the steps toward breaking the cycle of violence that can bring them much more trouble in the future.  Agents are available day or night at (844) 400-2245 to assist you in handling this delicate matter.

Fight Depression By Serving Attention

It is not uncommon for people to experience more intense depression throughout the holiday season.  Keep aware of loved ones who tend to over-indulge and offer them a non-judgmental ear.   Reach out to a family member who has removed themselves after suffering personal loss or other hardship because coping is particularly difficult when the world is enjoying the festivities.  Look after the members of your family who have chosen non-traditional relationships or lifestyles.  While getting a loved one out of jail for a stable holiday at home or with the family, your good will to all will reflect in your holiday rewards.

Remember that bail bonds delivered by a licensed agent can release someone from jail before their hearing of official charges and their court appearance date.  The cost of the bond is a reasonable percentage of the bail itself with a servicing fee and some interest.  If you deal with Mr. Nice Guy you can get the lowest bond cost set at the lowest percent of the bail and there are no hidden fees and no “annual” fees that would be added as soon as 2023 rolls around.   If the arrested party attends all his assigned visits, you get your initial bond money back.  

Remember in California and with the busy weekends coming, your loved one will have plenty of time to plan for an attorney or get a car out of impound or get a better job (without the incident on record yet).  Yes, there will be the stress of court dates, but your loved one will be among friends and family and not a cell full of strangers.

With Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds you can’t help but have happier holidays!

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