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How Long Does a Bail Bond Take to Get Approved?

Posted on Jan 13th, 2023 by mrnice 71 Views

If you are short on time, the quick answer to: how long does it take to get a bail bond approved? The approval process only takes a few minutes over the phone for low flight risk cases, and about an hour for higher flight risk cases and larger bail amounts.

Nobody wants to find themselves in jail for any amount of time. And they especially don’t want to be there for any longer than necessary. If you find yourself on the wrong side of the law, then you’ll do anything you can to get out of jail and return home as soon as possible. 

Thankfully, in California, there’s a process that can help to make that a reality. Posting bail will allow you to return home until your court date rather than spending that time in jail. The problem that many people face is that they don’t have the capital required to post bail, which can run into tens of thousands of dollars. 

To get around this issue, many people turn to a bail bond company, which can pay the bail amount on their behalf for a set fee (usually around 10% of the cost of bail). When you’re in jail, this option can be highly beneficial, since it means you can return home quickly without having to scrape together the money you need to post bail yourself. It’s a helpful service that can help to mitigate the stress of being arrested, but how long does the process take? Let’s take a look. 

How Long Does a Bail Bond Take to Get Approved? 

The answer to this question is: it depends. If yours is a straightforward, low-risk case, then the approval process could take as little as a few minutes. We’ll just need to collect some information about your situation, and you’ll be on your way to getting out of jail.

More complex, high-risk cases can take longer. This is usually the case when a larger bond is involved since we’ll need to get the approval of the owner of the surety company that underwrites the bail bond company. In those instances, you can expect your bail bond to be approved in around an hour. If bail is set at $250,000 or more, then it’s likely that the surety company will require a cosigner and/or collateral, which will increase the approval time. 

The vast majority of bail bonds are approved within a few minutes. But each case is unique. The best thing you can do is to get in touch with us for a free consultation, at which point we’ll provide all the information you need, including price quotes and time estimates. 

The Bail Bond Process

There are a few steps that have to happen before you can return home. While the amount of time that it’ll take to approve your bail bond can vary, the process is more or less the same for all types of bail requests. 

You Contact Us

The sooner that you get in touch with us, the faster we can get to work on getting you home. It all begins with a phone call or online bail application. At that point, we’ll collect some details about the defendant and then get the bail details from the jail.

We Figure Out the Payment Agreement

Working with a bail agent is a cost-effective way to post bail. Before we stump up the cash required to get your loved one out of jail, we’ll set the cost of our service and work with you to come up with payment terms that are suitable for you. You’ll never pay more than 10% of the bail price when you work with Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds. We offer flexible payment terms, including low money down payment plans, which allow you to pay a small portion of the overall cost, and then pay the rest later as part of an agreed payment plan.

We Post Bail

You’ll be interested in how long it takes to get bail bond approval, but the most important thing for you will be how long it takes to get out of jail and return home. We understand how important it is for you to get out of jail as quickly as possible, so we waste no time filling out the paperwork and posting bail. Once we’ve done that, it’ll be in the hands of the jail to process their own paperwork, at which point you’ll be free to return home. How long this takes depends on the complexity of the case, but in general, it’s usually around 1 - 4 hours after we’ve posted bail. 

Why You Should Work With a Bail Bond Agent

You don’t necessarily have to work with a certified bail bond agent to post bail. But it can help, in a variety of ways. The most obvious benefit is that it allows you to avoid paying the hefty bail price, which can sometimes run into tens of thousands of dollars, which many don’t have access to. When you work with us, you’ll know that you or your loved one can post bail even if you don’t have the full amount of the bail in your bank account. With flexible payment terms, you don’t even need to necessarily have 10% of the cost of the bail in your account to get out of jail. 

A professional bail bond agent will also have the experience required to make the bail process as fast as possible. Anyone who’s ever spent any time in jail knows that it’s not a place where you want to be for any longer than necessary. When you work with us, you can have peace of mind that you will be on your way home as soon as possible. 

Contact Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds Today

Are you or a loved one in jail? Then we’re here to help. Here at Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, our team of expert, professional bail agents are on hand to guide you through the bail process from beginning to end. We’ll work as quickly as possible to ensure that you or your family member doesn’t spend any more time in jail than necessary. With low fees, flexible payment options, and year-round, around-the-clock availability, we’re the team you need when you find yourself behind bars. 

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