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Remanded Without Bond: Understand the Consequences and Legal Ramifications

Posted on Jan 31st, 2024 by Bail Agent 131 Views

According to a recent report from the California Department Of Insurance, “there are approximately 175,000 bail bonds written per year in California.” However, there are some occasions in which a defendant may be denied bail. This is known as being “remanded without bail.” 

Unfortunate Consequences: Remanded Without Bond. 

What does it mean to be remanded without bond? 

When an individual is remanded without bond, this means that the judge has denied them the opportunity to post bail. They will, therefore, remain in jail until their court date. 

There are many reasons why a judge may decide to deny bail. Typically, it relates back to the severity of the crime itself. For example, in a recent study from the Bureau of Statistics, it was revealed that murder defendants were the least likely to be released pre-trial. 

Previous criminal convictions can also determine whether or not you are granted bail. For example, the same study found that “Defendants who had an active criminal justice status (13%) were about 4 times as likely as other defendants to have bail denied.” 

You may also be denied bail if the judge believes you to be a flight risk - which means that they do not believe you will follow the terms and conditions of bail, such as by failing to show up in court. This is particularly likely in instances where defendants have skipped bail in the past. 

Understanding the Legal Process: No Bond Granted. 

In California, defendants can be held for 48 hours without bond. During this time frame, the judge presiding over their case must make the decision to either charge the defendant with a crime or release them. Many of those facing charges are then given the opportunity to post bail, though, as outlined above, there are many scenarios when this is not the case.

Behind Bars: The Impact Of Being Remanded Without Bond. 

The impact of being remanded without bond can be severe. After all, it means that the defendant will be detained until their trial date, which essentially puts a stop to any sense of normality they have. For example, it means that they may begin to encounter financial struggles as they are unable to work. It could also mean that they are unable to uphold parental or care responsibilities. 

Various studies have also found that being remanded without bail can have a negative impact on the defendant’s mental health. They are spending more time than necessary within the jail system, meaning that their outlook on the process becomes inherently negative. 

Seeking Justice: Bond Denied in Criminal Cases

Many of those who are remanded without bond feel hopeless. However, it is possible to appeal the judge's decision. 

When doing so, it is advisable to work alongside a defense lawyer who can put forward your case with conviction and clarity. For example, if you have been labeled a flight risk by the judge, your lawyer could work to prove why this is not the case. 

During this time, working with a bail bondsman can also prove to be useful. They can provide attorneys with comprehensive support ahead of bail hearings, which reduces the chances of bail being denied to begin with. They can also ensure that you have access to all of the necessary bail-related resources that you may need during this time, giving you great peace of mind moving forward.

Unbreakable Chains: The Reality of Being Held Without Bond. 

As discussed above, the consequences of being held without bond are far-reaching. However, it's also important to note that they do not only impact the individual seeking bail but their loved ones, too.

For this reason, it's crucial that defendants put their best foot forward at a bail hearing. This reduces the chances of bail being denied, even in the most severe of cases. 

One way in which you can protect your best interests ahead of your bail hearing is by working with a bail bondsman. Their expert advice and guidance can help you put forward the best possible case (alongside your attorney) at your bail hearing. They may also be able to provide you with access to additional resources in cases where bail is denied outright. 

A Challenging Journey: Navigating the Remand Without Bond Process

If you have been denied bail or worry that you are at risk of being remanded without bond, it's important that you seek out legal support and guidance as soon as possible. After all, working with an attorney can help to get this decision overturned, which means you will not have to await your trial date in jail and can instead return to “normality” until your time in court. 

At Mr Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we have worked with numerous defendants who were initially denied bail, helping them to secure their pretrial release. This is because we have a strong understanding of the California Bail System, and can provide defendants with access to the resources and information they need to successfully overturn the judge’s initial decision. 

In addition to supporting clients who have been remanded without bond, we’re on hand to provide financial support to those looking to post bail. After all, working with a bail bondsman means that you only need to pay a percentage of the total bond amount (typically between 7-10%), as opposed to the entire cash-sum. This lessens your financial burdens and stress during an incredibly turbulent time in your life (or the life of your loved one).

If you’d like to find out more about our services, please do not hesitate to get in touch today. With years of experience in the California Justice System, we’re on hand to offer fair, impartial advice to those who have found themselves in a seemingly impossible situation. Furthermore, our phone lines are manned 24/7, so you can reach out as soon as you need support!

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