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Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a bail bond service provider in Orange, CA, providing low-cost bail bonds to individuals arrested in Orange or anywhere in Southern California.

City of Orange, California

Inside Orange County California lies the City of Orange. Once home to thousands of the Valencia oranges for which the county and the city are named, Orange is now home to more than 130,000 people. Almost no agricultural production takes place in Orange, CA anymore, however, the only remaining fruit packing operation in the county, the Villa Park Orchards Association, is located in the City of Orange near the BNSF Railway.

Old Towne Orange

The old downtown district in Orange is unique in that all of the original buildings have been preserved, while in many of the surrounding towns, the turn of the century buildings were torn down to make room for more modern additions.  The Women's Club of Orange still holds meetings in the original club building in Downtown Orange. The clubhouse was built in 1923 and still boats 180 members. 

Old Towne Orange is still a vibrant commercial district, featuring the county's oldest operating bank and soda fountain.

The Plaza

The Plaza in Orange  has long been home to a wide variety of interesting antique shops and is a well-known antique collecting destination. Recent years have seen the addition of trendy clothing boutiques and upscale restaurants, as well as a pair of Starbucks that sit across from one another, on opposite ends of the plaza. Downtown Orange, and the Plaza itself, has been the backdrop for scenes in several movies, including Tom Hank's “That Thing You Do,” Big Momma's House, Black Sheep, and Ghost Whisperer.

On Labor Day weekends, since 1973, the Downtown Plaza has been the home of the Orange International Street Fair. Several hundred thousand attendees flock to Orange for the annual street fair, as the event spills out of the Plaza and fills up East and West Chapman Avenue, and North and South Glassell Street. The fair is a celebration of international food, music, and dance, with live entertainment of every genre.

Villa Park – A City Within A City

Located entirely inside of the City of Orange lies the smallest city in Orange County. Once known as Mountain View, the City of Villa Park is home to just over 6,000 residents. Zoned almost entirely for residential housing, the city has only one shopping center, which includes a library branch, the city hall, and a community room. The city was incorporated in 1962 and has completely separate government and law enforcement from the City of Orange. The Orange County Sheriff's Department has been providing policing services to the area since before its incorporation and continues to do so, under contract, as the Villa Park Police Department.

Villa Park Police Department
1107 N Batavia Street
Orange, CA  92867
(714) 744-7444 

Villa Park City Hall
17855 Santiago Blvd
Villa Park, CA  92861
(714) 998-1500 

City of Orange Law Enforcement

Law Enforcement services to the City of Orange are provided by the Orange Police Department on Batavia Street. The police department of Orange utilize the COMPSAT model of crime reduction, first developed in NYC, to help fight crime in Orange and, according to their website, “make Orange the safest city in Orange County.”

Orange Police Department

10 N. Batavia St.
Orange, CA  92866
(714) 744-7444 

Many unincorporated areas are mixed in and around the Orange city limits. Because of the mix of incorporated and unincorporated “cities” all mixed in together, the Orange County Sheriff's Department also has a strong presence in and around the City of Orange. The Orange County Sheriff's Department provides policing services to all unincorporated areas, as well as many incorporate cities within Orange County.

Orange County Sheriff's Department
550 N. Flower St.
Santa Ana, CA  92703
(714) 647-7000 

Who's in Jail in Orange, CA?

To find a friend or loved one being held by law enforcement in Orange County, you can do an inmate search HERE. You will need the individual's full, legal name, age, and gender. You can also find an inmate's booking number, for use in scheduling visits, sending money, or sending mail.

There are both local and county jails located within the City of Orange city limits. The Orange City Police Department operates a booking and temporary holding facility as a part of the police department, located at 10 N. Batavia St. However, this is not a long-term holding facility and persons arrested and booked here may find themselves transferred to one of the larger county jails in just a short period of time.

Orange City Jail
10 N. Batavia St.
Orange, CA  92866
(714) 744-7444

The Theo Lacey Facility, an Orange County Jail, is also located in Orange on City Drive. Persons arrested in Orange, CA may be taken to either the city police department for booking and holding, or to the Theo Lacey Facility depending on where and by whom they are arrested.

Theo Lacey Facility
501 The City Drive
Orange, CA  92868

Visiting Someone at the Orange City Jail

The most likely place for someone in Orange to be held for any length of time is the Theo Lacey Facility on City Drive. While a person may be arrested and booked at the police jail, they will likely be transferred to the Theo Lacy Facility soon after, if they aren't bailed out quickly.

Visiting hours at the Orange Jail are from Friday – Monday, 8:00 A.M. To 6:00 P.M. Signups for visits must take place before 5:00 P.M. Signups are accepted from 7:00 A.M. To 5:00 P.M., however specific housing modules may have different visitation hours. For specific housing visitation information, please visit http://www.ocsd.org/divisions/custody/jails/hours.

Visitor Parking

Visitors may park in the parking structure across from the San Ana Police Department

Visitation Rules for the Orange Jail:

  • Visitors must show valid photo ID
  • Each inmate may only have one visit per day. You should coordinate visitation with other friends and loved ones of the inmate, to avoid someone being turned away due to the one-visit-per day rule.
  • Each visit lasts a minimum of 30 minutes.
  • The maximum number of visitors is three, including children.
  • Children must be under adult supervision at all times. Prior authorization can be obtained from the Watch Commander, for unaccompanied minor children to visit a relative in custody.
  • Visitors who have been released from jail in the preceding sixty days are ineligible for visits. However, blood relatives, or spouses, may request special permission from the Watch Commander to visit, even though the visitor was recently released from jail.
  • Only ID and keys are allowed inside the facility. No other items, including purses or bags, will be allowed inside the facility. In order to speed up the screening process, visitors are asked to leave everything besides keys and ID outside the jail facility.
  • Visitors with small children may possess necessary items for the child's care, such as diapers, formula, breastfeeding cover, etc. However, these items are subject to search.
  • Nursing mothers must be discreet when nursing, and remain fully covered. Failure to do so will result in the termination of the visit.
  • No food, candy, drinks, gum, cigarettes, lighters, matches, or pepper spray are allowed.
  • No weapons or anything deemed inappropriate are allowed in the jail facility.
  • No cell phones, laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices are allowed.
  • Documents requiring the inmate's signature must be approved prior to being allowed in the visit.
  • Clothing that is derogatory or offensive, revealing, or inappropriate in any way, will not be allowed. The staff is permitted to make determinations about what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.
  • Visitors under the influence of drugs or alcohol will not be permitted to visit and may be arrested.
  • You will need the booking number of the inmate you wish to visit. You can find it Here.
  • After entering the jail facility, the visitor must proceed to their assigned seat and remain there until the inmate arrives.

Please note that meals are served from 11:00 A.M. to 12:00 P.M. and from 4:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. Inmates may refuse to accept visits during this time.

Bail in Orange, CA

Cash bail is a way provided for people who are arrested to get out jail while they wait for their court case to reach its conclusion. Being in jail prevents individuals from keeping their jobs, supporting their families, and maintaining important relationships. No one wants to sit in jail for months waiting for their court case to be heard. Bail provides a way for an arrested person to leave jail, with the promise that they will return for all court-ordered appearances and hearings, or risk losing the bail money that they've placed with the court in order to get out of jail.

Bail money is deposited with the court and then returned to the defendant once the charges have been resolved. If someone else pays the bail on the defendant's behalf, the bail is returned to the person who paid it to the court. Property can also be used to pay for bail. But, if a property is used, the value of the property must be twice the amount of the bail being asked.

PC 1275 Hold on Bail

If the court believes that the money being used to pay your bail came from illegal activity, they can hold you in jail until they can have a hearing about the money being used to post bail. The court gives a person the opportunity to post bail if they believe the person is likely to show up for hearings and trial because of the money they paid for bail. If the money being used for bail was gotten by illegal means, then the court has good reason to believe that there is enough additional money that the bail won't ensure cooperation with the legal system in the future.

How Much is Bail in Orange, CA?

The amount of bail is different for each charge and is set in the Orange County Bail Schedule. The bail schedule is available at every jail location or you can access it here.

Once you've been charged with a crime, the bail schedule for each crime should be posted at the jail where you are processed. Many times a person is charged with more than one crime. Each charge will incur its own bail amount. In order to get out of jail, you will have to pay the entire amount of the combined bail, for all of the crimes with which you have been charged. The amount varies, depending on the seriousness of the charges.

Examples of Bail in Orange, CA:

Misdemeanor Charges                                     PC Violation                                Bail Amount

Violation of Probation                                        PC 1203.2                                   $5,000

Carrying a Concealed Firearm                          PC 12025(b)(7)                            $5,000

Exhibiting a Firearm                                          PC 417(a)(2)                                $10,000

Indecent Exposure                                            PC 314                                        $5,000

Possession of Underage Obscenity                   PC 311.11(a)                                $10,000

Failure to Register as a Sex Offender                PC 290                                        $10,000

Violation of a Protective Order                           PC 273.65                                   $10.000

Interfering with Emergency Personel                 PC 148.2                                     $5,000

Assault Against a Peace Officer                        PC 241                                        $10,000

DUI Alcohol or Drugs                                        PC 23152(a)                                $5,000


Felony Charges                                                Violation                                      Bail Amount

Using a Minor to Commit Drug Offense             HS 11380.1(a)(1)                         $20,000

Commission of Drug Offense Involving PCP      HS 11370.4(a)(2)                         $30,000

Commission of Drug Offense Near School        HS11353.6(b)                              $40,000

Drug Offense Involving a Minor 4 Yrs. Ynger    HS11353.6(c)                                $40,000

Inducing a Minor to Commit a Drug Offense    HS 11343.2(a)(1)                           $10.000

Hate Crime                                                       PC 422.75(a)                               $20,000       

Carrying Firearm During Com. of Crime            PC 12021.5(b)                      $20,000 – 30,000

Theft over $100,000                                          PC 1203.045                      $50,000

Discharging a Firearm in the Comm. of Felony PC 12022.53(c)                  $200,000

Please visit our blog for more information about obtaining bail bond for domestic violence charges, DUI, drug charges, and other charges that are common in Orange.

When calculating the amount of bail due, a person must first determine the primary charge and find the bail amount for that charge. Then, you must add the bail amount for any additional charges or enhancements. This may end up being a significant amount of money. If it is more than you can easily afford (and it is for most people) then a bail bondsman, like Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds can help! To find out how to get bail for less, call Mr. Nice Guy at (888) 618-9355.

Immigration Bail Bonds in Orange, CA

What happens when you, or someone you love, is arrested for being in the country illegally? The unknown is always scary. Here at Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds, we are available to help you and your loved ones navigate the Federal Bond process and to keep your family together as your immigration case makes its way through the immigration courts.

There are four types of immigration bonds:

  • G1 – Delivery Bond. This is a bond conditioned upon the delivery of an Alien and is the most common type of bond. It is used to ensure that a person will comply with a deportation order. A delivery bond allows an individual the opportunity to spend time with friends and family, as well as consult with an immigration attorney, prior to his or her court hearing.
  • G2 – Public Safety Bond. This bond is to ensure that the alien will not become a public charge. In other words, it ensures that the government will be reimbursed if a bonded alien receives any type of public assistance.
  • G3 – Voluntary Departure Bond. This bond is conditioned upon the voluntary departure of an alien and is used to ensure that the person returns to his or her home country in compliance with the conditions of the court order. A voluntary departure bond allows a detainee the opportunity to leave the country voluntarily within a specified time frame and gives the individual a chance to spend some time with family, make arrangements for themselves, and to leave under less stressful, less hurried circumstances. However, if the person chooses not to leave the country as agreed, the bond is forfeit and the person subject to pursuit, incarceration, and forcible deportation.
  • G4 – Order of Supervision Bond. This bond ensures that the individual complies with all conditions of the order of supervision and that he or she surrenders for removal.

A Delivery Bond and Voluntary Departure Bond are the two most common types. For help in understanding the bond process and procedures in Santa Ana, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds today. (844)400-2245

What if I Can't Afford Bail in Orange?

Many times the amount of bail is more than a person, or even a family, can come up with. The way that charges are layered and enhanced can mean a very high bail amount due. When you can't come up with the entire amount of bail, or if you choose to keep your cash on hand to help pay for an attorney or take care of family expenses while you pursue your legal defense, bail bonds offer a way to get out of jail for less.

A bail bondsman is a person who is licensed by the state, working with an agency, who can post a “bond” for you, instead of the full amount of your bail. The bail bondsman works with a Surety Company, who is a little like an insurance company. They have certain rules for issuing bonds to help people get out of jail. The person who is in jail pays a fee and the bail bondsman pays the bail.

Then, the person who has been charged with a crime can get back to their job and family, while they wait for trial. The person who had the bond posted for them is promising the bail bondsman that they will continue to show up for all of the hearings and proceedings required by their charges so that the bondsman can get the bail money back from the court.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has offices located throughout Southern California and can have a licensed bail bondsman by your side in minutes to help you through the bail process and place a bail bond for you and get you home fast.

Bail Bonds In Orange

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is a bail bond company with locations throughout Southern California. In Orange, Mr. Nice Guy is located on East Chapman Avenue. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has been providing bail bond services to the people of Orange County for many years and understands how to get you out of jail fast.

Bail bonds is a means of getting out of jail even if you don't have the full amount of bail on hand. A bail bond provider works with a surety company to provide a “bond” with the court. The “bond” is a document stating that the bond provider accepts responsibility for ensuring that a defendant appear for all court-ordered appearances and trial dates and that if the defendant fails to show, the surety company will pay the full amount of bail to the court.

In return for this guarantee, the law requires a non-refundable fee, usually 10% of the total bail due, be paid to the bail bond provider. This fee can be paid by the defendant or friends and family members of the defendant.

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has programs that allow them to accept bail bond fees of as little 7% in some cases. They also work with clients to find payment plans and financing options that work for each individual. For more information about bail bonds in Orange, CA, call Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds at (888) 618-9355.

Cheapest Bail Bonds in Orange, CA

While the law requires that every bail bond company charge a 10% fee for their services, Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds goes above and beyond to find ways to save clients money on bail bonds.

  1. Nice Guy uses a surety company that provides a discount on bail bonds in certain cases. If the defendant retains an attorney and pays the fee within the first 72-hours, Mr. Nice Guy can discount the bail bond premium to as low as 7%. No one offers a lower rate.
  2. Nice Guy Bail Bonds never charges hidden fees like other bail bond companies are known to do. You'll never be charged notary fees, travel expenses, “posting fees,” or processing fees.
  3. Nice Guy doesn't charge additional premiums such as annual premiums or late file premiums. They also don't charge interest on bail bond financing or any other fees.

There are no lower rates on bail bonds anywhere in Southern California. Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds is your cheap bail bonds provider in Orange, CA. 

Professional, Reliable Bail Bond Service

Being the cheapest in the business doesn't mean you'll sacrifice on customer service when you choose Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds. The licensed, professional bail bond agents who work with Mr. Nice Guy are the best in the business. Depending on the location where you or a loved one are being held in Orange, Mr. Nice Guy can have a bail bond agent by your side in minutes, working to get you out of jail as fast as possible.

Get Out Of Jail FAST! In Orange, CA

Mr. Nice Guy Bail Bonds has locations all over Southern California. In Orange, the office is located just minutes from the Orange City Police Department. If you, or someone you love, is arrested in Orange, one call to Mr. Nice Guy will have help by your side FAST! Call (888) 618-9355!